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Rugby star Ben Cohen: Elton John made me get a hearing aid and ‘changed my life’

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Reader comments

  1. Hes such an incredibly handsome and extremely sweet man I love his heart and personality such a wonderful human being. Hope his hearing improves Im glad he took this step though it will definitely help him.

  2. that’s kind of funny.. Elton John convinced me to get ear plugs.

    Poor Ben may think that Elton John is a great philanthropist, but he doesn’t seem to realize what a loathsome, self-hating person he is as well.

    1. What a nasty bunch of individuals you are.

      1. Liam the God 1 Apr 2013, 11:20pm

        Why, thank you! It’s nice to see one’s talents noticed. ;)

      2. I’m sorry, I do think Elton John’s a talentless hack.

        and before you ask me if I can do better, the answer is “yes”. how many symphonies have YOU written lately?

        And yes, Elton John is a loathsome, self-hating individual. He’s against gay marriage, and he whores himself out to our worst enemies, those who fight so hard to stop UP from getting married.

        He is a hypocrite of the worst order.

        You think it’s “nasty” to point out how hypocritical a person is?
        You think it’s nasty to not put up with an attention-seeking publicity whore who would throw any number of us under the bus if it means an extra million in his pockets?

        Well, then paint me “nasty” all you want.

        I think you’re nothing more than a fanboy, butt-kissing, lackey stooge to that talentless hack.

        As for Ben Cohen, he should learn to put his admiration where it is truly deserved.

        1. Mikey, how about a compromise along the lines of Elton John has done great things charity-wise AND people like you and me need to reach for the ear-plugs if forced to overhear most of his music but for just a few ballads like “Daniel” and “Candle in the Wind”?

          1. Elton John has done a LOT of bad to the LGBT cause.
            Like singing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

            How about that?

            I don’t care what “charity” he does. After supporting Rush Limbaugh, anything else he does is hypocritical lip service.

          2. Hmmm. At one end of the scales of justice is that wedding, and at the other end all the contributions EJ has made re. AIDS causes and so forth.

            The scales do rather tip in one direction, Mikey, don’t you think?

  3. Is this an April Fools Day post?

    1. Liam the God 1 Apr 2013, 10:31pm

      That’s what I thought. Most people wish they were deaf when they hear Elton Johns later stuff!

  4. Think what you like about Elton, but I think Ben is a legend and if it took someone else being an “overbearing uncle figure” to force him to get a hearing aid which will almost certainly improve his quality of life – then frankly I think that was a nice thing to do. Why is everyone hating on this?

    Is it really so awful that someone did something nice for someone else, and got thanked for it? If you see negativity in that, you must lead a joyless existence.

  5. TeenageWhore 2 Apr 2013, 1:45pm

    this is not news

    1. Jacob dugan-brause 2 Apr 2013, 4:00pm

      Yes, it reads and feels like an advert for the foundation. Probably a release picked up as an easy news story.

      At any rate, I called up a different nonprofit organisation that does independent hearing assessments and set an appointment. I guess I could say the ‘news story’ resulted in some good, then.

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