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Marie Osmond comes out in support of equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Marie who?

    1. Charliej95 1 Apr 2013, 5:21pm

      Shes Marie Osmond from the old Donny and Marie show. Long before my time ! lol. Donny Osmond is her brother. She was once offered the role of Sandy in the film Grease because she thought the character had low morals.

      But unlike her brother Marie is more progressive in her views to LGBT equality.

      1. Or just another hypocrite. She only came to support equal marriage, gay rights and the belief that her god is a god of love because her daughter came out as lesbian, had it not happened she would continue believing gay people go directly to hell – in fact she may still believe all gay people except her daughter deserve to go to hell, just because her daughter is her daughter. Particular love, as opposed to universal love, is not real love, it’s just pure egoism.

        1. Er wow. ‘She may’ believe this or that, but you don’t know – you just assume the worst on no evidence. That makes you the self-righteous hypocrite here. You have rage issues that you need to deal with.

          Good on Marie Osmond.

        2. If every parent with a gay or lesbian child supported them when they came out, unconditionally then the world would be a better place.

          The fact she is willing to give up strong held beliefs for her daughter is surely a good thing ?

      2. Not way before my time, Charlie. Get an irony meter fitted, mate!

        1. Charliej95 2 Apr 2013, 1:22pm

          Sorry didnt mean offence just meant heard of her though it was years ago didnt mean offence to it. :(

          1. No worries Charlie. If you give me a cue I can probably still trot out her hits.

            What was that duet one with Donny……

  2. Interesting irony factoid here.

    One of Maries biggest hits was “Paper Roses”. Which was originally a hit for Anita Bryant. Yes, that Anita Bryant.

  3. It is simple gay is against the word of God but God does not hate the sinner he hates the sin & when she accepts Jesus as her Lord and Saviour she will be saved from her sins

    1. Is this irony?

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