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Australia: Liberal leader Tony Abbott rules out supporting equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Unfortunately this man is probably going to be the next Australian PM. No improvements from the current one.

    1. FORTUNATELY, Tony Abbott WILL BE the next PM, and the country will be rid of that lying Labor/Commo shyte Gillard and her destructive rabble.

      I’d rather have the ‘gay marriage law’ put on hold until we can get Australia back to the once great country it used to be, until Labor trashed us and made us the arsehole of the world. Well, we are ‘down under’.

      Tony’s two daughters support ‘SSM’ and his sister is gay, so maybe one day soon when he can eventually rid himself of Cardinal Pell (his spiritual advisor) things may change for the better in that department.

  2. Brett Gibson 1 Apr 2013, 3:53pm

    I don’t understand why Australia seems years and years behind with gay rights? I really don’t get it, even America has a political leader who is pro gay marriage. It surprises me greatly that a highly urbanised, western and English speaking country isn’t a bit more socially advanced. Apparently they didn’t have their first male gay kiss on TV until a couple of years ago and didn’t have a non-white family on one of their soaps until just recently. My friend said Australia seemed way more racist than Britain too. What’s wrong with them? Get with the times Oz!

    1. The reason Australia is so far behind the times on marriage equality is because our political system is currupt, our politicians (both Labor and Liberal are guilty of this) are being influenced and being sent massive sums of money by right wing forces such as the Australian Christian Lobby and the Shop Allied Distribution Services Group, Catholic and Pope influences into lawmaking and having an “anti-everything agenda”.

      When the Election comes in September 2013, our politicans are gutless and greedy on their pailamentary pensions that they do not care about normal pople anymore and are so out of ouch with the general community all over Australia and completly forgotton about the voters in all electorates.

    2. Brett, where did you get your information from? “isn’t a bit more socially advanced” (?!?) Australia regularly tops quality of life indexes and cities such as Melbourne (where I reside), are also frequently featured in the top 10 of the most liveable cities in the world. As for gay characters (and kisses) on TV, this ocurred on Australian Television back in the 1970s (a soapie called Number 96 around 1975 and also a gay male couple featured on a current affairs programme in the early 70s). For “non-white” TV dramas try Redfern Now or East West 101. Granted Australia is far from perfect and yes, the political parties of both persuasions are dragging their feet on the gay marriage issue (although it is fiercely debated). But please get your facts straight as opposed to tiresome broadbased and incorrect assumptions.

  3. Poor Australia, they don’t deserve two “leaders” like Abbott and Gillard.
    Or maybe they do (after all they keep voting for these two clowns).

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