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Video: Film trailer claims equal marriage will lead to the ‘criminalisation of Christianity’

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 31 Mar 2013, 3:29pm

    Seriously… Can they get any more desperate?

    It’s laughable really the measure they’ll go to, to get their own way.

    What a load of crap… when will it end?

  2. This kind of stuff from the Christian fundamentalists is going to backfire in a big way.

    Their opposition to equal marriage and LGBT equality is already backfiring spectacularly, with unprecedented levels of support for equality in liberal countries, which is still growing.

    Give the fundamentalist extremists enough rope, and they will hang themselves. These stupid and malicious people are doing our work for us.


      There are plenty of interesting genuine comments to reply to instead.

  3. If anyone believes this crap.

    (let their)… god help them !

  4. And I thought we were the drama queens

  5. Pornography for those with a persecution fetish.

    They’re probably doing this so each time a marriage laws passes and nothing bad happens to them, they can spin out the claim that they ‘won’.

  6. more criminal behaviour by christians is the only thing that will ‘criminalise chritianity’. I think the peados are the ones responsible not us.

  7. Here’s hoping!

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Mar 2013, 4:06pm

    If only it would lead to criminalisation of christianity. I wish we were that powerful as they claim we are. The Roman hierarchy cult is one that should be criminalised for crimes against boys and girls and vulnerable seminarians and priests under their aegis.

    1. Haven’t you got some praying to do? You should find some activities which calm you down and take your mind off sex. Try a cold shower.

      Flower arranging? Oh maybe not. Even they have sexual organs staring you in the face.

      Better stick with Train Spotting.

    2. If you educated yourself before making false claims, paedophilia is most often not gender specific, where abuse is opportunistic and perpetrated by the paedophile on any object – boy or girl . Abuse is more about control rather than the physical act, as with all rape and most forms of abuse. As for abuse by priest in the RC church, boys are abuse because it is situational, the church is male dominate with females mostly absent.

      Actually, your current behaviour, attending a website to abuse others for their sexuality helps you to gain and maintaining some illusory feeling of control and power while you feel wanting or powerless in your own life, which some how you must have had taken away from you by someone in your past, or you are even feeling like you have lost control or given your own power away in your current life. I seriously recommend you empower yourself to live a better more loving life by seeking professional help. Good luck.

  9. Christians are becoming frenetic with hysteria. They are not really worried about homosexuality, but of their own humiliation.

    Increasingly homosexuals as seen as nothing more interesting, different or indeed threatening than someone who is left handed.

    With so much energy, resource and focus by Christianity to devalue, smear and vilify homosexuals, their followers are almost certainly in denial about a real need to question their faith and superstitions.

    I hope we see more of these films, ones which are worse and even more ridiculous. It will challenge moderate Christians to let go of their shackles. It will make Christianity eat itself from the inside… all because it feared homosexuality.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Mar 2013, 4:49pm

      There is also a lot of sexual repression among right wing christo nutters too. They envy some of us for the freedoms we enjoy and usually better sex lives, hence their obsession with gay sex. They obsess more about that than any other group, more than we do in fact. I find it revealing that we don’t obsess over heterosexuals’ sex lives or denigrate it or try to dehumanise them for it either let alone their innate sexual orientation.

    2. ” I find it revealing that we don’t obsess over heterosexuals’ sex lives or denigrate it or try to dehumanise them for it either let alone their innate sexual orientation.”

      Exactly. These anti-gay people clearly have their own issues as normal people don’t obsess over something that they, supposedly, have zero interest in. Leading on from that, of course, is their vindictive desire to deprive us of rights. I can’t fathom what’s going on in their heads.

  10. Some fanatical Christians really make a full-time career out of bogus scaremongering don’t they.

  11. Watch and see. The next new freedom for religion will be their perceived right to perform forced exorcisms.

  12. Liam the God 31 Mar 2013, 5:27pm

    If I had my way ALL religion would be banned, and their “Believers” locked in mental institutions where they can be kept safely away from the rational people. FVCK ALL RELIGION!

  13. I’m going to keep asking the same question. We hear these people telling us that same sex marriage is a threat to marriage. We hear these people telling us that equality for gay people is a threat to freedom. We hear these people telling us that letting children know it’s OK to be gay and they don’t have to bully each other or kill themselves – that this is a threat to children. Yet I have never once heard one of them answer my question, “How?”

  14. You should have headlined this ‘US: Film trailer…’.

    Anyone not masochistic enough to play the video (or spot the ‘z’ in its title) might think it was British and had involved Janet Street-Porter !

  15. That’s not a bad idea at all. But I think they’re doing it to themselves.

  16. johnny33308 31 Mar 2013, 6:43pm

    We should all be so fortunate indeed if what these nutters claim came to pass. Can you just imagine a world where these bigots are marginalized or even criminalized? It would be a Golden Age for Humanity if these sorts of evil people driven by bigotry and hatred were simply gone (IMHO). Oddly, all that they do is coming back to them (Karma) in spades and their views are so extreme that ordinary people are becoming more and more aware of how negative and evil those who claim to be ‘religious’ truly are! All fundamentalism is deeply evil and needs to be stamped out, for the benefit of mankind itself. Luckily, they seem to be doing a great job at marginalizing themselves and so all we need do is sit back and watch them implode with their hatred.

  17. ‘if ”gays win, Christians lose.”’

    Why do ‘christians’ always need to pick an enemy to fight against? Are the faithful so fickle that they’d sink into passivity if their was no-one to fight?

    This video is utter sh*te, but what scares me is the paranoid people who watch it and actually believe it’s true.

  18. It’s a bit like the Waffen SS complaining that the advancement of Jews’ rights will lead to the “criminalization of the Nazi party”. Utter nonsense!!

  19. Back to roots then. Let’s throw in lions for a good measure as well.

  20. Pyschological treatment is needed for christians and their insanity.

  21. they should have gone for O Fortuna soundtrack and LaFontaine voice over, a lot more dramatic combination

  22. Christianity illegal? Please please please let this happen.

    1. Keith did verily qouth:-
      “Are Christians caling for homosexuality to be illegal? No.”

      Some Christians are actively seeking such, don’t you read the news?
      Or, do you just blythly ignore if it doesn’t fit in with your limited world view?

  23. It is desperate, as some commentators have said, but it is also worrying. Many people who follow the Christian cult are deeply stupid and impressionable. Videos like this are a battle cry and they will become more extreme and more effective. These morons will lose in the long run but how many Gay people will be attacked or murdered along the way.


    1. No, let’s continue feeding the trolls. Trolls like this need to be fed until they are so fat and swollen that their falls and deaths will be epic.

    2. Trolls seek attention, and they seek to cause anger and upset to certain people on the boards where they post. They seek to write inflammatory comments because that is what gets them the maximum attention and seems to provoke the maximum indignation.

      If we reply, we are giving them exactly what they want. They like counter-attacks. That is why they post. Replies tell them that their opinion matters, and that they are powerful enough to upset people.

      The general wisdom on blogs is not to feed trolls. There are plenty of interesting posts to reply to intead.

  25. Just watched the video. It was funny. And yes, I agree with the comments, it looked like a spoof film. SNL itself couldn’t have done better. I hope they keep making more videos like this.

  26. I`m praying for the criminalization of religion across the board.

  27. Dramatic much?

  28. Yes indeed they must be desperate. What is that win/loose rhetoric. What about a win/win rhetoric for a change?

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