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Northern Ireland: Amnesty warns of future legal battle over marriage inequality

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Mar 2013, 12:12pm

    Oh just wait for the bigots to make hay out of this one! I can just hear Sharon James and all that rabble of hate-mongers ranting. Wait for Widdecombe, Loughton, Burrowes and Shannon to chime in.

  2. I find it almost funny that it is the Unionists who want to keep Northern Ireland’s laws different from those of the rest of the Union. And that it is the republican Sinn Fein who support equality policies more in line with those of Westminster.

    1. polittics creeates strange bedfellows and I’m not referring to the catholic church befellowing children.

      as for pope francis who called gays marrying in argentina the work of the devil, I wonder if he will EXcommunicate the estimated 500 or more (out of 4500) bishops who hid these vile crimes

      He claimed he would fix the problem of the moelstation. 1st -trash the guilty bishops.

      2nd trash all the priests invovled

      In the USA almost no one wants to be a priest anymore for many reasons. Bet you he will just continue the failed and vile policies re children – which btw included blaming the kiddies for their being raped.

      CFan there be any question that the catholic church is just the wests version of extremist Islam?

  3. Paul Essex/London 30 Mar 2013, 2:30pm

    Well “Save Ulster from Sodomy” is still alive and kicking! I watched the DUP members speak at the debate prior to the free vote for the SSM Bill and it was cringeworthy. Every single one was sermon in traditional christian views that seemed to be blissfully ignorant that this was a debate within a free society. The Troubles more or less kept NI in a time warp for 30 years, couple that with the fact that it really is like the Bible Belt of the UK and it’s an uphill struggle. The DUP has a strong connection with the Presbyterian Church which is immensely rich.

  4. Great to see Grainne and Shannon speaking out!

    This is a fascinating line of argument with worldwide implications.

    The European courts will be reluctant to intervene. The European courts have already found that national governments have the right to restrict marriage on grounds of gender. They won’t want to say that devolved parliaments can’t exercise similar rights. That would mean saying that devolved governments can’t exercise a right which national governments can exercise but have chosen to devolve

    But there are some good legal arguments in favour of Amnesty’s position.

    A resolution to this tangle could be for the European courts to decide that everything-but-the-name civil partnerships are inherently discriminatory (i.e. they could echo Judge Walker’s Prop 8 decision). That is compatible with previous ECHR decisions, wouldn’t threaten countries’ rights to determine the limits of devolution, and wouldn’t affect the anti-gay Council of Europe member states.

  5. Brett Gibson 30 Mar 2013, 8:24pm

    Couldn’t give a shit, we should be giving that shit hole back to the Irish.

    1. I can’t believe they are daft enough to want to take on having to manage the DUP.

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