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Clare Balding: Fans of men’s football are ‘racist and homophobic’

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Reader comments

  1. DivusAntinous 30 Mar 2013, 1:26am

    I do find women’s football more admirable. And she is right about the typical sort of working class fans, though I wouldn’t say ‘racist’, just that they love a bit of banter.

    That said, I don’t really give a flying toss about football.

    1. Banter. That what all racists say.

  2. There are racist and homophobic football fans. This is not to say there aren’t plenty of reasonable and tolerant football fans. Let’s not get carried away with idiotic blanket statements.

    And no, men’s football is played at a considerably higher level, both in terms of ‘power’ and skill. Not to excuse it, but I daresay if there was as much at stake in women’s football as in men’s, there would be the same culture of foul play too.

    1. Matthew, don’t you understand? George Orwell explained it all so that even kids could grasp it. “4 legs good, 2 legs bad”.

      Gay people object to any blanket statement made about us and our supeficiality and our obssession with casual sex, etc. Gay people object to any blanket prejudice against blacks or muslims.

      But blanket prejudice against football fans is fine.

      10,000 British muslims can join an islamic fascist party that says: “kill homosexuals”, and the gay luvvies will fall over themselves to defend the rest of the muslim population from guilt by association. But if some football fans are racist/homophobic, then they must all bear collective responsibility.

      1. How do people all over the Internet manage to twist everything into some asinine comment about Muslims or Islam?

  3. Football fans (in general) are not homophobic or racist. If Balding believes this then she is in the wrong job.

    1. She doesn’t actually believe this and didn’t actually say this. Pink news headlines are as sensationalist as the Mail’s.

      She said you won’t experience racist or homophobic chants in women’s football, which is a little bit different.

    2. Next time you go take your boyfriend

  4. If you are attending a football match out of masculine duty, so you can show publicly that you are a regular guy like most of them do, then it is probably quite boring to sit through. The racist and homophobic chanting is probably a symptom of the boredom that the duty of being confined to the terraces naturally entails.

  5. ColinJones 30 Mar 2013, 8:17am

    I doubt football will ever change its’ image, it is too tribal in nature and I suspect a lot of its’ fans actually enjoy the “hooligan” vibe of it all. But in this modern era there are plenty of other things to grab kids’ attention and hopefully football will decline over time.

  6. i would definitely agree with this. even in my school if you mess up a pass you’re a fag or if you miss a goal you’re gay. I was on the train last week with a bunch of football fans who were all chanting “you’re all gays you’re all gays” over and over

  7. Broad, generalising, stereotypical comments made in response to broad, generalising, stereotypical comments. Way to go rising above it!

  8. Pink News… what are you playing at. Nowhere in her original article did Clare Balding make the blanket statement: “Fans of men’s football are ‘racist and homophobic’”.

    What she did say, as you quoted in your piece, “If you go to a WSL match this season… There won’t be any racist chanting from the fans or homophobic abuse.”

    We get the arse when people make blanket statements about the LGBT community, so please don’t pander to tabloid journalism and put words into other people’s mouths.

  9. What a load of rubbish. She is complaing about forms of discrimination by discriminating against others saying just because I enjoy football I must be racist and homophobic.

    What does footballers diving even have to do with the fans being racist or homophobic? They dive to gain advantages to win, its wrong but its the modern game sadly.

    Perhaps I can make an assumption like she has and say all horse racing commentors are hypocritical homophobic bigots, but that would be wrong, right ?

    1. The only people making blanket statements are the so called journalists at Pink News. Clare actually said quite the opposite, in terms of fans of women’s football, and the players behaviour too. Men’s football is a joke, the players are infantile and the fans are violent, racist and homophobic on a regular basis.

  10. thelostdot 30 Mar 2013, 3:47pm

    The history and story of how the nastiest males (mysogenists all) sabotaged women’t football is disgraceful, and the shame of our country. Much of the chanting at football matches is annoying, and although some are bigoted I don’t tink they all are. Up here everytime Blackpool play Preston Blackpool are busy chanting “blah, blah, blah ye Paki Bxstards, and in return Preston are busy shouting blah, blah, blah, ye Gay bxstards. There’s not doubt that the idea that either is insulting is bigoted, but I suspect many of the culprits are not actually bigoted they just stupidly think it’s funny.

  11. Football. A bunch of overgrown kids running around a green field chasing a leather bag filled with air. They’re paid far too much, and cry their eyes out if so much as accidentally knocked into by an opponent.

    if football is this bad, why not ban the sport? I can’t stand the game. Some of the fans too, bring shame, not just to the game, but to the country!

    Players like Rooney and Beckham, really do need to be taken out of that little pod of luxury they have and thrown into a job which pays a proper wage… like £6.92 an hour.

  12. I do agree with Clare about the difference between men’s and women’s football and that women’s footy is by far better.

    BUT you cannot accuse all fans of men’s football of being “racist and homophobic”

    My brother-in-law is a massive fan and he’s neither! He and my sister join me at gay pride every year!

    So sorry, I love you loads Clare, but I can’t agree with you on that point!

    But yes..the guys I do feel are complete wusses, are over paid and damned rude! That I DO agree on!!! lol

  13. Matt Westwood 30 Mar 2013, 9:14pm

    Face it, football’s a woman’s game, always has been, always will be. Real men play rugby.

    Best of luck with your plans to marry Alice – here’s hoping you’ll be able to!

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