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Ugandan asylum seeker has Heathrow deportation flight cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. sending people back to certain torture and death after everything else they’ve already experienced is about as soulless as it gets. i am speechless. nothing i can say rises up to the terribleness of the uk’s actions here. it’s so far beyond comprehension.

    1. Lief Kinhelm 31 Mar 2013, 7:27pm

      African countries need to learn how to treat Africans better; they won’t need to if we keep taking their asylum seekers.

  2. Spanner1960 29 Mar 2013, 12:31pm

    Cold feet?

    Sorry, not our problem; if we let one in, they will all try the same ploy, genuine or not.

    If you wish to mark me down, please tell me how we can avoid this happening.

    1. Please tell me how it feels to be a cold heartless prlck?

      1. Mark you forgot to add flaccid. The man has no joy in his life I pity him

  3. I don’t understand why a lesbian who would be killed in her own country and poses no threat to the UK is deported (Jackie Nanyonjo) and then murdered, when terrorists like Abu Qatada are allowed to stay.

    1. Too right. People like spanner would work in places Like UKBA to ensure that black lgbt people have a harder time. I hope he dies soon

  4. But obviously deporting a convicted jihadist cleric is unacceptable……

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