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Spain: University professor says women should stay with violent husbands and that gay people can be ‘cured’

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 29 Mar 2013, 1:58pm

    Sadly this University doesn’t know what debating really is…Her statement is stated as a fact…not discussing the idea…So in her logic, why isn’t she cured of those biggoted ideas…these actually can be cured…even with the lowest of intelligence most people can be trained to say the right things…even animals can be trained to do very complicated things,,,but that might be asking way too much for this professor…wouldn’t want to strain the brain now would we????

    1. too bad there isnt a way to cure bigotry and religion.

      If youve seen the bigots screaming about being called bigots, well here is the definition of bigot

      Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance on the basis of a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, language, socioeconomic status, or other status.

      Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. described bigotry in the following quotation: “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”[1]

  2. she is sick

  3. Probably a typical Roman Catholic and therefore mentally ill. She should be incarcerated in a lunatic asylum

    1. Spain is a very gayfriendly country. Most people (including Catholics) do not agree with her views

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Mar 2013, 3:07pm

    Marx was spot on. Religion is the opiate of the people, especially catholicism, a cult that ought to be banned as injurious to mental health and well-being of society.

  5. Tom Cotner 29 Mar 2013, 3:20pm

    Seems to me that this sad example of who is teaching our youngsters ought to try and get cured herself, of rank ignorance.
    Unfortunately, that will probably never happen.

  6. These Christian fanatics are so often promoters of sado-masochism, it’s all part and parcel of that abusive religion.

  7. Staircase2 29 Mar 2013, 3:29pm

    She sounds like a bloody idiot..

  8. So I take it she wouldn’t object if a male student got up during her class and struck her down and told her to be quiet, as that is what a woman should accept according to the Bible.

  9. So we have absolutely no idea whether this woman actually holds these views or is trying to make a point about knee jerk reactions and shamelessly misleading media? What the hell, let’s assume the worst, make an inflated story and attack her anyway. If she was playing devil’s advocate, then the Pink’s dodgy journalism nicely illustrates her point.

  10. Very probably a member of Opus Dei … very silly stupid woman!!!!!

  11. Next, she will be touting all the positive benefits of the great Spanish Inquisition.

  12. She makes the term Professor completely meaningless.

  13. “…carry on loving him with tears in your eyes, just as Jesus wept on the cross,”
    Officially the funniest thing I have heard this year.

  14. johnny33308 29 Mar 2013, 7:17pm

    Oh, goody, yet another crazy religious nutter who claims to speak for god! Like we haven’t seen this sort of evil claim before! All of these bigots claim to speak for some god or other….wouldn’t you pick someone actually qualified to speak for you if you were ‘god’? And if you are god, why do you need a spokesman at all, really? Aren’t you omnipotent? If you aren’t omnipotent then you cannot possibly be god then can you? These evil bigots speak only for themselves, obviously, and not for any god. Please! Such stupid people!

  15. This professor is an ass. She is using ‘her stage’ as an educator to put out her own opinions. These are not the ways to discuss or debate ideas – plain and simple\: she is a bigot!

  16. It is not clear if the professor was playing devil’s advocate, in order to encourage her students to debate the comments, or whether she actually holds these views.

    It’s interesting that Googling brings up no news items relating to this incident other than the one quoted in this article. Maybe it’s best to hold fire till more evidence emerges?

    1. It happened. It was in El Pais newspaper and went on for several days until she resigned to teach that class because of the controversy she created and because the students did not want her there. She was not trying to create debate, those were her beliefs and she defended them. Google EL PAIS and the name of the university. You will find it. I read it and followed it there.

  17. the professor is not allowed in that class anymore because of the students´ complaints. She is still teaching the same subject in other classes but not in that one because the students were outraged at her views. Even being a catholic university the authorities realized that she went to far. That happens still in Spain because it is full of fundamentalist catholics following Opus Dei and Camino Neocatecumenal. Two breeding organisations for hate and intolerance.

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