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Gay Tea Party co-founder: I oppose equal marriage doing so is ‘not homophobic’

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Reader comments

  1. “I am viewed by many as a self-loathing, traitorous gay.”

    This would be accurate but you left out a lot of other words as well.

    1. Remove “viewed by many” and its an accurate description if him

      1. GulliverUK 30 Mar 2013, 8:34am

        I’d change “by many” as “by almost everyone” !!

        I wondered what this article was then say the name Doug Mainwaring and wondered no more :) Pr**k.

    2. He lives with his ex wife and two teenage kids. Seriously.

      So what are they going to grow up thinking? Normal is having a straight mum and a gay dad who live together pretending they are a normal family.

      And they say gay families are pretend.

  2. Every oppressed group has its uncle Toms

    1. my thoughts exactly!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Mar 2013, 9:05pm

      Yes indeed. Some even voted no on February 5th. I do wish Iain Dale and Peter Tatchell had outed them.

    3. Exactly.

  3. Auntie Babs 29 Mar 2013, 5:55pm

    “he is opposed to equal marriage, and has said that it is “not homophobic” to oppose it.”

    honey, why do you think you are not homophobic just because you are gay?

    1. At least he hasn’t said some of my best friends are gay. Presumably because they aren’t?

      The tea party love gays who don’t do “it”. The christian media are certainly having a field day with his stance.

  4. Plenty of gay couples have children so it’s not a valid argument.

  5. Richard Queripel 29 Mar 2013, 6:16pm

    Oh dear. The word and the institution of marriage are not, and never have been, immutable. We shouldn’t be having to convince gay people of this as well as the anti-equal marriage straight brigade. This man does us no favours. Separate but equal is not equal.

  6. Alfred Schram 29 Mar 2013, 6:38pm

    It seems to boil down to a matter of semantics: What is the fundamental difference between marriage and civil union. He is entitled to his own opinions, and there is no need to keep bringing it up: positive action brings quicker results.

  7. What a self loathing jerk. A gay Civil Union will never be equal to heterosexual marriage. By making a distinction between the two by calling them different names it reinforces the idea that the gay union is less.
    Marriage is not just about having children; however, plenty of gay couples have kids. This guy’s argument makes no sense. I can only imagine what he thinks of Trans people getting married.

  8. johnny33308 29 Mar 2013, 7:07pm

    Yes, we view him as a “self-loathing, traitorous gay”, because that is what he truly is, after all is said and done. He betrays all LGBT people by even speaking at a NOM rally…..we shall exile him from our people forever…..

  9. OMG Doug man even the bible states that Jesus marries HIs Church ( the Bride) marriage is not limited to male and female ,

  10. No terms are immutable. That’s the whole point of etymology.

  11. Quite a lot of openly gay men express homophobic opinions, that is all this is,
    just another homophobic opinion.

    He obviously doesn’t understand the concept of equality at all.

  12. So he’s not a self loathing homophobic homosexual, just a gay man who opposes equality for gay people. Glad that’s cleared up. Ahem.

  13. of course he’s against equal marriage, he’s a member of a right-wing political party so skewed on the definition of society that he can’t even be true to his sexuality!! and he gets to make his own words up (undefine?! undefine children? huh?!!) so bitter that he supposes that when 2 guys or 2 girls marry, they instantly lose their sexual organs… behold so sayeth the fairy king: if an idiot says an idiot thing, it should be no surprise that people describe that idiot as an idiot and doug, you’re an idiot!

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Mar 2013, 9:04pm

    C4M,Sharon James and all those MPs who voted no will lap this up and use it.

    I wonder what he thinks about infertile and older hetero couples beyond procreation getting married?
    What about couples who can have children but choose not to?

  15. The most anti-gay people in the WORLD are unhappy homosexuals; both closeted and out.

    We all know that. It’s always been so.

    He’s out of gas on that reasoning.

    1. Well said! History has proven it time and time again.

  16. Twat.Self-hating, unadjusted, Interanlly homophobic- twat. End of.

  17. Mainwaring is as utterly selfish man.

    And Mainwaring, you are (still) a self-loathing, traitorous gay man! That’s one of the reasons you probably goy married to a woman in the first place.

  18. How tedious.

  19. It’s the anti-gay gay unicorn!

    Anti-equality groups in the US have been desperate to find anti-equality gays. And they’ve found… this guy.

    Jeremy Hooper has written hilariously about the right wing’s attempt to suggest that Mr Mainwaring represents a hitherto silent and invisible bloc of gay opinion. In fact, he represents – just himself.

    See here:
    and here:

  20. “I oppose equal marriage doing so is ‘not homophobic’” –

    I think the important thing here is context. Coming from the mouth of a straight man then the statement could be construed as homophobic… however coming from a gay man well no it isn’t homophobic, it’s just plain dumb.

  21. What a sad person.

  22. He is like a Jewish Nazi.

    He needs to park himself in front of a therapist for a few years, learn to love himself.

  23. The Tea Party has a pet gay. How loverly.

    Will they be trotting out a self-loathing black man to refute the voter rights law?

    They wouldn’t dare.

  24. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2013, 1:41pm

    One I called a Backward gay man because he clearly thinks opposing will make him popular with some, though I suspect he thinks the majority even if it is a tiny minority.

    It’s very sad that to Mr Mainwaring Love is not equal. Clearly he has not been in love to know the joys it brings.

  25. How is it possible to be gay and a republican?. The Republican Party hates gay people and will always treat them as second class citizens. Well I suppose he’s happy to sit at the back of the bus – probably feels deep down he doesn’t really deserve a seat at all!

  26. Yes, Mr Mainwaring, you are indeed traitorous and self-loathing. The words “Aunty Tom” come to mind. You are reminiscent of the black South Africans who supported the apartheid regime before its fortunate death, and Jewish apologists for anti-Semitism.

  27. As soon as someone invokes the notion of “political correctness” to attack their more progressive opponents you just know they don’t have an argument. Poor sad man. He sounds like the 18th century black guy who didn’t believe that slavery should be abolished

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