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US Pastor: Christians will be ‘forced underground’ if Supreme Court allows equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. The biggest threats to marriage are divorce lawyers and the infidelity of the straight people who are married. That has nothing to do with gays.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 5:23pm

      Quite! On this side of the pond, Tory MPs Bob Blackman, Sir Roger Gale and Nadine Dorries come to mind. Odd that nobody brought that up on February 5th before the vote. It would have been the perfect opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy and the bigotry of the opposition.

  2. Oh lawdy lawdy the sky is a-fallin’ down agin!! An’ them homosexualirsts don’t respect me or give me money!
    Mate ; I wouldn’t even slow the car down in heavy traffic, get out and piss down your throat if jeebus or his “daddy” decided your intestines were to spontaneously combust.
    As for your underused churches – some of them might make liveable houses for LGBT folk and their kids

  3. bearshaped 28 Mar 2013, 4:06pm

    Are these people on stupid pills?

  4. Let’s hope so.

  5. Sally Elway On Conservative Talk shows they tell the listners to call ,email,and shut down the phone lines of ANYONE who teaches school or has a Goverment job and goes against Bible Based teachings. Why don’t we do the same thing? CRASH the site! OVER RUN the church phonesand Fax. The church members are NOT reading Pink News comments.. Let’s DO SOMETHING REAL!

    Sally Elway Church Numbers and Fax
    3 minutes ago · Edited · Like
    Sally Elway Phone: 731-668-5185
    Fax: 731-668-8978
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    Sally Elway
    Skyline Church | Jackson, TN
    Skyline Church | Jackson, TN

    Write a comment…

  6. Go back to your caves mole-people!

  7. He mentions the threat of Christians being “forced underground” and their “buildings taken away”. But I don’t see any explanation of how or why this would come about from granting same sex couples the right to marry. Another non-sequitur that can be discounted. I have asked in various forums for someone to explain to me how granting same sex couples the equal right to marriage affects anyone else’s marriage or faith. I can’t see any reason why it should, and judging by the lack of response, nor can they.

    1. I recently read this amusing explanation of how same sex marriage will destroy marriage :

      See – it”ll be all our fault :D

      1. That is UTTERLY brilliant! ;-)

  8. Hopefully. Six foot under with any luck!

  9. We can only hope this will be the case. Not just for gays and lesbians but for society in general. Please have the decency to commit self exile will you please. Or better still maybe as we used to treat children . Be seen but not heard.

  10. I have a shovel somewhere – happy to help bury them

  11. …I’ll start digging now if that helps to speed things up.

  12. Dear pink news.
    If you insist on having 80% of your stories about the US then please try to make them vaguely interesting for your UK audience.

    This story is really dull.

  13. That must be why there’s all those underground Christian groups in Canada and other countries that have equal marriage. Wait….

    So sick of wastes of skin like this man trying to stir up irrational fear over equal marriage just because they don’t have any rational arguments against it.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 5:17pm

    If only equal marriage forced hateful religious cults underground, ideally out of existence!

  15. Sigh* If only…

  16. Yes, Christians should be underground. About 6 feet.

  17. You’ll have to forgive Dr Jim Garlow for speaking from experience. After all, that’s exactly how Christians have treated those they disagree with for over 1500 years.

    What he fails to understand is that we have no such agenda, no absolutist morality and no reason at all to justify such xenophobic hatred. If only religion could ever say the same.

  18. The only reason the christian Taliban will be forced underground is if they don’t accept the will of the vast majority of people for ‘equlaity’. Why don’t ‘the religious’ just stop reading the bits of their rule book about ‘gay’ and ignore them – like they have with hundereds of other bits like those on burning witches, eating shellfish and wearing clothes made of two materials, etc, etc, etc. WHY are they so ‘selective’ in their use of that old novel? If they don’t want to be marginalised, they should stop marginalising themelves by being anti-gay. Simples!

  19. Funny guy. Keep talking.

  20. Well Jim Garlow – welcome to the world we once had to live in. I don’t think you could walk 1 foot in our shoes

  21. As far as I know, religious freedom is part and parcel of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…

    ,,,and gay rights are human rights too.

    But if religious extremists come out with ludicrous statements like this, we also have every right to hold a mirror up to them to show them how ridiculous they are to thinking people.

  22. Anti-Christs like you and your church need to go home and rethink your lives.

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