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US: Arizona House panel approves amended law targeting trans people

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Reader comments

  1. Linda Neuman 28 Mar 2013, 4:38pm

    Who walks around with their birth certificate? No one that I know of. Talk about intolerence. By passing this ruling, intolerance and prejudice just keeps being encouraged. This is an abomination, and is despicable for even being brought for consideration.

    1. Good point Linda, and whose job is it going to be to check if genitles match the birth certificate–and at a time when relief is needed :)
      “Sure, verify my dick as I piss all over you and the floor!” Next in line!

  2. Keith Francis Farrell 28 Mar 2013, 4:47pm

    Some people are stupid and nothing we can do will change them, It is the people own fault for alowing stupid people to control their world.
    I do hope that people know which business man agreed with them, I hope his business goes insovent

  3. I’m amazed that issue comes up so much that they need legislation for it.

    1. Ninth Sphere 28 Mar 2013, 8:13pm

      Me? I’m just blown away by what I am seeing in this countries attitude towards Trans persons. Without any doubt in my mind that these problems for us are worsening. Over the course of the past 4 years I have seen a huge increase in anti-Trans violence, legislation, and posturing. Even in my own state of Colorado where we “allegedly” have protection in SB 200, it, or these protections are completely ignored by our legislators, and law keeper’s, and enforcers. The police themselves commit a great many of the crimes against Trans persons here. None of this is being reported. Every time I myself try to bring a voice to this, I am shut down. (I suspect that this comment may be stricken as well.) Also unfortunate is that My brother and his family just recently moved to Phoenix. Don’t think that will be going to visit him any time soon. Hey can I move to the UK?

    2. This is all part of the republican divide and conquer strategy. Republican legislatures across the country propose ridiculous laws on abortion, birth control and trans stuff to disctract from the fact they are doing absolutely NOTHING about the economy and jobs. That’s their plan in a nutshell.

  4. Perhaps all the mtf transgendered folks should be conveniently in the bathroom when Mr Kavanaugh needs to go pee. They could stand next to him in their dresses and heels as he pees as per his bill is indicating would be best. He says that would be appropriate so lets see how he feels. Oh and lets have all the transmen in the women’s washroom when his wife pees. Perhaps he will see how absurd his thoughts are. Also if his wife is in sweats and looks a bit masculine to the business owner, that business owner should not let her go pee at all. Oh and she will have no recourse. In fact, lets go further, based on this bill if a business owner or person just doesn’t feel right about either of their gender expressions, they can ban them from using the bathroom. Why doesn’t every business do just that? You cant be sued!!!!! All you have to do is say you did not fell comfy with their “gender expression” and you are off the hook!!! Oh what fun!!!

    1. why are all these idiots so worried about whats in everyones pants anyway? Their a bunch of ignorant perverts if you ask me.

  5. This is great! It’s so gonna blow up in their faces. Every trans guy in AZ who passes as male should start carrying their birth certificates and using women’s restrooms. When women scream and complain to management, the guys pull out their (uncorrected) birth certificates and say, “I’m just trying to obey the law.”

    1. Yes! We can have pee-ins!

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