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TIME magazine unveils equal marriage cover: ‘Gay marriage already won’

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 28 Mar 2013, 1:46pm

    Really….old news here in Canada…it’s about time to come to that realization in the USA…You will discover has we have the sky won’t fall and the doom of the religious right won’t come to past…Happy Pride..

  2. Blimey, same-sex couples kissing on the cover of Time magazine? It’s moved on since I last read it (which, to be fair, would have been well over 20 years ago)!

    1. Spanner1960 29 Mar 2013, 12:28pm

      As American publications go, it is still a well written and fairly well-balanced magazine.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 2:18pm

    Expect the religious nutters to protest the publication on both sides of the pond.

  4. It’s going to happen. The only argument anyone can have against equal marriage is religiously founded; none of the other arguments make sense (neither does religion but they believe it does).
    The moment someone points out to them that the constitution prohibits ANY involvement of religious opinion in making laws and their entire act falls at the wayside.
    Celebrities and publications coming out in support of equal marriage will sway public opinion and get people used to the idea.
    The most vocal people are the ones with the most hate; the majority of the population will take the change with grace.

  5. Richard the Big Bunny 28 Mar 2013, 3:40pm

    See how the other side is reacting:

    Just so you know what the rumbling underbelly that hangs over the “Bible Belt” is really like …

    1. Wow! Some of those comments are barking mad – even more so that I was expecting! ‘Communists’?? ‘Everyone’s really straight’? ‘It’s vile’?? And as for blurring out the kissing!! Loonies!

  6. Don’t get out the Champagne too soon. The Court will decide according to the law not popular opinion.Those who know US history know that Dred Scott, Brown v the Board of Education were decided against a huge weight of popular opnion. They could decide to make only a marginal decision, not open the flodgates. Remember this is a pretty conservative Court, not the liberal Warren court of the 1960s

    1. It’s worse than that. It’s possible that the so-called “swing” Justice, Justice Kennedy, will throw the Constitution to the side and vote for states’ rights on Proposition 8, undoing the Ninth Circuit’s ruling, reinstating the ban on SSM.
      He’s apparently scared to death about going “over the cliff” for social justice. Where did the Justice Kennedy of 2003 go off to?

      1. David Myers 29 Mar 2013, 7:20am

        That’s not how I’ve heard it. The analysis I’ve heard indicates the court (with Kennedy forming the fifth vote) is likely to claim that the plaintiffs were not qualified to appeal the California Court’s decision, particularly in light of the fact that the Governor and Lt. Governor of the state of California had refused to appeal the decision. If they reject the case as not acceptably appealed it would result in the California Court’s ruling being upheld by default, not being “undone”. So the re-legalization of same sex marriage in California would be completed and California would be open for business for more same-sex marriages. Such a decision would have no impact whatsoever on any other state’s laws against same sex marriage.
        The Court is widely considered likely to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act by either 5 to 4 (Kennedy providing the fifth vote) or possibly even by a 6 to 3 vote (with the Chief Justice joining the other five to rule DOMA unconstitutional.

  7. And of course girls kiss with open mouth and with guys it’s closed and we barely see anything… to avoid scaring men I assume!

    1. to avoid scaring *straight* men <- forgot a word!

    2. Men who are comfortable with their sexuality wouldn’t care, so it’s probably more accurate to say, it’s to avoid the scaring the closet cases and those who don’t like to acknowledge they’re not 100% straight.

      However, I’m inclined to believe it’s unintentional, if people really dislike one cover they can buy the other. If people are truly homophobic they’d probably opt for neither.

  8. Spanner1960 29 Mar 2013, 12:24pm

    A brave and welcome image.
    That’s going to put the cat amongst the pigeons in Bible-belt America. :)

    I wonder how many US newsstands will be brave enough to display them.

  9. I find it so depressing that I live in a world where violence and mutilation is celebrated but the idea of 2 people kissing is still seen as somewhat controversial.

    What a sad state of affairs the human race has gotten itself into.

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