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Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to stop gay couples from adopting Russian orphans

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Francis Farrell 28 Mar 2013, 5:10pm

    I gather they would rather see children in state run homes, where trhey ae treated as little mre than animals rather than in loving homes.
    Putin reminds me of an ex gay porn star that I remember seeing in pictures, I cannot remember which magazine it was, but he sure looks like the same person

  2. I always thought Putin had very close-set eyes (indicating narrow opinions).

  3. “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”. Mr Putin and his cronies certainly seems obsessed with gay issues. Is he stuggling with some inner-hatred, do you think?

  4. Back 100 years’ ago, Russia’s inept and corrupt leaders used their Jewish population as a scapegoat, falsley blaming them for all the problems that the government had created. Brutal government instigated pogroms drove the Jews away, which was also Russia’s own loss as many Russian Jews would have been a loyal and talented asset to their country. Now, in similar times of economic woe, a Russian leader and his intellectually, morally bankrupt cronies need a new scapegoat and it seems that this time ’round it’s gay people’s turn. When will Russia’s leaders ever learn? C’mon brave, smart, great people of Russia – who played such a large part in saving the world during World War II – you deserve far better than the fools and tyrants who run your country.

  5. at the risk of satirising the demise of contemporary, modern rusher under the dictatorship of putt-putt… if he continues on the same path, perhaps ukip, bnp and twin-set tory voters could move over there: they are obviously fixated on the same 40s-50s values.

    1. sorry, freudian slip… that should say leadership not dictatorship. you know you’ve had a bad day when the word dictatorship is inter-changeable with leadership… groan :-(

  6. If the orphans turned out to be anything like Putin then the world would be better off without them…….

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 29 Mar 2013, 5:36am

    How about we ban bigots and homophobic morons from adopting children!!!???
    How about starting with this bill:-
    Banning Bigots And Religious Zealots From Adopting Children Bill 2013
    (1) No bigot or relogious Zealot shall adopt a child under any circumstance that primarily creates fear, propaganda or hatred for anti-gay crusades and to install fear into other children or adults to specifically and only to create children to grow up to become blatant homophobes.
    (2) Children of all ages have a right to be safe, free from abuse and completly free from brainwashing from all religious zealots. Children have a right to be in a loving family stable home with a parent or any two parents. Children have a right to know or acknowledge their biological or past existing lives (such as for example information on a biological father or biological mother).
    (3) All children should be safe from predatory adult sex offenders.
    (4) Children are
    (5) This law shall become effective from July 1, 2013.

    1. Amendment:

      (4) Children are our future.

  8. Putin is steadily but surely isolating Russia from the rest of the world and the further away the better.

  9. ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN 6 Apr 2013, 1:35pm


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