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Commons Speaker John Bercow joins Stonewall’s Brighton Equality Walk

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 1:10pm

    I just love this man. If only all Tory MPs were just like him. We’re extremely lucky to have him as Speaker of the House, an important job if the Parliament Act has to be invoked for equal marriage since he will be the one to trigger it which I’m sure he will do. He’s one of the best if not the best Tory for equality in my view.

    1. Agreed, he is a staunch ally to the LGBT community. If he does have to invoke the Parliament act I am sure he will do so with relish too ;)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 2:20pm

        I’ve no doubt about that. Glad to see another atheist here.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a committed Labour Party member (ok, maybe that’s barmy) but my admiration for this man continues to grow. Sometimes it feels good to be here.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 2:26pm

      Hear, hear! I voted for the first time for the Tories in 2010 since I was disgusted with Gordon Brown. I will vote for Cameron again if equal marriage becomes law. I admire the PM for sticking his neck out on this one issue which he knew would be a divisive issue in his party. It took courage and integrity and that’s something I respect. John Bercow is an valuable asset to his party, a thoroughly decent man.

      1. I share your admiration for the stance that David Cameron has taken on equal marriage Robert. It seems to me to be sincere. For a whole load of reasons though I can’t ever see myself voting differently from how I always have. I know that sounds tribal but…

  3. The Daily Mail will hate this, their readership really don’t seem to like John Bercow or his wife Sally.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 3:54pm

      The Mail hates anyone who is pro-gay, even pro-gay Tories. They even hate Cameron,. but that’s the right-wing press for you, soundbites, no facts. They report only what favours their hate agenda, giving unlimited access and coverage to religious nutters, racists and often re-writing the facts. It’s all yellow journalism, no substance, gutter tabloids.

      1. According to the Daily Mail readers David Cameron is a “cultural Marxist”, which shows you how far removed from the mainstream of British politics much of their readers are. Another tactic of theirs is to make the reader think that whatever inconvenience they are experiencing is the fault of everybody else. So gay people, immigrants and Muslims are all legitimate targets. People who aren’t like them don’t deserve happiness in the Mailites worldview, they are right, so therefore everyone else is wrong and wrong people don’t deserve rights. The Mail constantly adds fuel to the flames thereby creating a fire of ignorance that can’t be put out.

  4. Speaker of the House Bercow is an inspiration. He has been a strong ally. I hope he realizes the good he is doing.

  5. dorset bob 28 Mar 2013, 3:19pm

    Good for him. It cant make his life easy in the tory party as so many of them are homophobic, so hats off to him for so publicly supporting stonewall. Hopefully it will give the bigots something to think about.

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