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Bill Maher: Is one of the criteria for being allowed to marry ‘ejaculating in a vagina’?

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Reader comments

  1. Criterion. Singular. (Sorry, but…)

  2. Ejaculating in a vagina. That’s what it comes down to. Well said.

    1. erm, so you’ve never read ‘the female eunuch’… doh!

  3. Haha. Bill Maher has always been a stauch supporter of gay rights and is great at standing irrational prejudice on its head. However, the brainwashed religious Taliban are completely deaf to any sense of reason. They are COMPLETELY convinced that ‘marriage’ is some sort of sacred state and can only possibly exist under licence from god. This, of course, is nonsense and only applies to those that believe in god. For the rest of us ‘marriage’ is simply a civil, state sanctioned contract. So, to deny the ‘equality’ of the staus of ‘marriage’ to ANYONE, is simply unfair and unjust. If religious people want to keep marriage ‘sacred’ then they must. But they must not be allowed to discriminate against those who are NOT religious. If marriage is something religious people may enjoy, then so must the rest of us. Religion does NOT have a monopoly on this type of civil contract.

    1. Actually, for many of us gay people, marriage is ALSO a religious ceremony.
      And many of us belong to denominations that already do recognize same-sex unions. For example, I was married in a church of the United Church of Canada, a denomination that has a long history of fighting for minority rights, and has always been at the forefront of the equality battle for LGBT people.

      1. Marriage might have some spiritual importance to some but is a legal contract validated only by the state otherwise, how do non-religious people get married? If Marriage is a religious ceremony how do athiests get married. That’s like saying a child may only have a legally recognised name if they are christened. Please keep the church out of my crotch!
        Thank-you. BTW, I am a Christian–that’s my business. I don’t expect my religion to dictate your life.

  4. Mandy Brigwell 28 Mar 2013, 7:49pm

    Bill Maher is brilliant – his Religulous DVD is worth a watch. It’s a bizarre mix of respect for people’s feelings churned up with a whole dose of healthy disrespect to the higher-than-everyone-else tossers. Great stuff.

  5. Bigoted Penile-vagina’mites think so.

  6. Now mmmm – as the Christians want you to stay pure until your wedding night you can’t do the ‘ejaculating thing’ until you are married and then of course it’s too late if you can’t do the ‘ejaculation thing’. And since in the eyes of ‘God’ you’re married for life you’re well and truly stuffed if you got it wrong and many have and will.
    But perhaps they are the ones who make the most fuss about the sacred nature of straight marriage – they are so bitter it gives them a vent for their ‘ejaculation thing’.

  7. YAWN,,,

    What a boring old 20th century homophobic doshbag!

    1. This one’s gone over your head Paul. :-)

      Check out Bill Maher. Buy yourself an irony meter – unless of couse your post was ironic, in which case I’ll recharge mine.

    2. I think Maher’s point had more to do with satirising those people with the bizarre notion that marriage is strictly about planning to spawn 2.4 children and has nothing to do with committing to the one you love as an act with any intrinsic merit.
      Having kids is an optional extra for most straight married couples and not a legal mandate, but given some of the anti-gay marriage arguments we’ve heard over the last few weeks you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

      1. Quite right Flapjack, go ahead and ask that crowd if they still have sex even after they’ve finished making babies, or better yet, while the woman is pregnant, and when they say yes. Ask them why. And when they can’t give you a sensible answer, gently tell them–it’s because you love each other just like gay people can and that is why gay people have sex.

        1. It’s a much older debate among the religious than people often think. Founder of the Quakers George Fox married Margaret Fell in the 17th Century when she was too old to have children and was denounced by a puritan who said it was wrong to marry if no children could be forthcoming. GF rightly pointed out that this was historical and indeed religious nonsense. Interestingly, homophobic Quakers in recent years (who, like all conservatives, have a huge reverence for their ‘founder’) have found this precedent used effectively used against their attitudes.

          1. I thought Quakers were for equal marriage.

          2. To go waaaay back, Abraham and Sarah were well beyond child baring years and were still having sex and King David married in his old age just to have some to lay with and keep him warm.

          3. Darren – They are now. But in the 90s in particular there were some pretty vocal homophobes among them. I got some pretty vile letters from one or two of them in those days.

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