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US: Supreme Court takes on arguments around the Defense of Marriage Act

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  1. 7!

    David Boies is a genius, but still… Alito? Really? (Scalia and Thomas would be more likely to dance into court together Gangnam Style than to overturn DOMA.)

    I’d be shocked if DOMA didn’t go down, but let’s not get our expectations too high. 5-4 is enough.

    Alito is generally unadventurous, though he gets human being points for being the only one of all 9 to reject WBC’s claim that the First Amendment gives it the right to protest at funerals.

    If Roberts wants to be the one to write the decision, and Alito clings to his coattails, that would get us to 7-2, and wouldn’t that be lovely. But a win will be a win, wheter Alito – and Roberts – are ready or not.

  2. de Villiers 27 Mar 2013, 3:57pm

    I did not realise that this law was passed by the American Left in the form of President Clinton. I had thought it was a Republican policy.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Mar 2013, 4:28pm

      Clinton had no choice at the time it was signed into law otherwise a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage would have been passed into law, affecting all 50 states, simple as that. He was urged to sign it by Republican leader Bob Dole. The mood of the country at the time wasn’t supportive of allowing gays to marry, support was extremely low and wouldn’t have passed muster. Clinton did however agree that it’s up to individual states to decide the issue, not the federal government. Thankfully, he’s evolved 360 degrees and so too are a small but growing number of republicans.

      1. You mean 180 degrees, you you mean he is still is and always will be a bigot!

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