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US: Supreme Court indicates it may strike down the Defense of Marriage Act

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t care how ‘narrowly’ so long as the court does the right thing ….

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 27 Mar 2013, 6:04pm

    Doma will fail and Prop. 8 will survive, I think. However, how can Supreme Court abolish ban on gay marriage in one state, voted by all democratic roles in an referendum, and let this survive in another 31 ? Where is logic: is the ban in Texas, Kansas or North Caroline of another nature ? Of course not, its the same in all 32 states. An argument “we will make exception because its liberal California” have nothing to do with law, either with politics and “cultural sensibilities”. “Unclear water”, indeed.

    1. bobbleobble 27 Mar 2013, 10:48pm

      The difference between California and those other sates is that the right to marry was given, exercised by around 11.000 couples and then taken away without good reason. None of the other states with bans had even passed same sex marriage legislation let alone allowed people to marry. California is an exceptional case because of that and this is the basis on which arguments were made to the court. Prop 8 was a referendum deliberately aimed at removing the rights of a minority group, that’s a dangerous precedent to set if SCOTUS were to uphold it.

      I think you’re right that DoMA will be the more likely to go but there are clear distinctions between marriage bans in different states and it’s got nothing to do with making an exception for liberal California.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 27 Mar 2013, 11:20pm

        Thanks !

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Mar 2013, 7:47pm

    DOMA will disappear now that 80% of the justices seem to be inclined to strike it down. Prop. 8 will be dismissed giving marriage rights back to gay Californians.

    Now let’s see how the Daily Hate Mail spins it. It will probably distort the facts that just because the Supreme Court hasn’t legalised equal marriage at the national level, it’s a victory for christian activists and for the American people. If anything, it’s a defeat for the opposition, big time. The DM and Telegraph will give short shrift of course to the fact that striking down DOMA will mean no more repealing marriage equality legislation and that federal recognition will be granted to those marriages in nine states where equal marriage is legal. It’s a major setback for the opposition no matter how they skew it.

    Take note, bigots in Parliament and the Lords. Suck it up C4M/CI and Christian Concern!!!

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