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US: Chick-fil-A franchisee gives free chicken to pro-equal marriage demonstrators

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Reader comments

  1. This is positive news we must welcome everybody

    1. Hey Fery so i see your comment and i didn’t exactly agree with what you said, But i gave it a tumbs up because you had 2 tumbs down. If someone going to give you a tumbs down, People should say why. It’s irritating that someone can with out justifying why they disagree with you. Its lazy. But as far as what you said Frey Chick-Fil-A in the past has given money to anti gay groups, they did stop after its perception was hurt. But if this a move to make them look better like that saying goes “i can forgive but i wont forget”.

      1. It’s one franchise not a company policy. A franchise is an independent business with the right to use the company name, logo etc, the owner was trying to get local business back, that’s all.

        1. David Myers 29 Mar 2013, 6:59am

          And he should be encouraged for doing so people! Come on! Its called behavior modification. Its a start for crying out loud! Encourage him and maybe other franchises will rebel against corporate dictum. This is all aside from any gratuitous arguments about the quality, healthiness – or lack there of that people may want to go on about. I prefer Church’s Chicken, myself. I’m not sure how widespread that chain is though in the US. I get it in Vancouver, BC but I’ve heard its in the mid-west states in the US.

      2. Thanks Sam for your very helpful comment. I agree with you, it’s so annoying on Pink News, there is so much back biting and anger and so many persons lashing out at each other. I am a big believer in building bridges. Therefore the Chick-Fil-A situation has got to be positive news.

        1. You are obviously a very nice person with a glass half full view Fery. I wish it was a turn around by the company but this is simply 1 out of approx 1,679 branches. The company still has the same view. I suspect branches everywhere are seeing a drop in sales, this one off move could simply be commercial.

        2. But the company never – as far as I know – discriminated in selling their chicken to customers. But that was not the issue. The company discriminates in hiring and retention of LGBT personnel. (Even last year, during the whole scandal, there were news of several women suing the company for sex discrimination. I think they settled.) Not to mention that the company’s contributions go to anti-gay organizations.

  2. Still would not eat at that dump

  3. It’s not positive news! Handing out drumsticks to protesters is not company policy and does not make up for the millions of $$$ they have given to anti-Gay groups. It would choke me to eat any of their food. Shame on anyone who is so easily impressed.

    1. Why don’t they give them to local homeless persons, so at least the homeless can have a free meal.

      1. That’s an excellent idea, they should absolutely do that.

    2. Well said, Cal, exactly my thoughts.

  4. vversatile 28 Mar 2013, 5:33am

    It’s great that that individual franchis owner supports equaility. (Or at least says he does).
    But he gives money to the main company that will still be going to funding “Christian” groups and spent campaigning equal rights.

    I wouldn’t be spending my hard earned cash there.

    1. vversatile 28 Mar 2013, 5:35am

      That should be “campaigning against equal rights”

  5. “Chick-fil-A franchisee gives free chicken to pro-equal marriage demonstrators”

    So they’re trying to poison us now…?!

  6. The problem was never with an individual franchise. It was the man running the corporate end and how the company donates it charity funds. Nothing has changed.

  7. He’s a franchisee holder, some of the comments in here suggest they think this guy ought to give up his livelihood because he disagrees with the COO of the overarching business! Zealots much?!

    1. If he does disagree, he could keep his livelyhood and change his franchise to a KFC or Mc Donalds or one of many others, no one is making him stay loyal to the Corporate mother ship that is dragging the company including his franchise down.

      Your actually blaming us, we were happy eating there until the corporate head office showed their true colours, please blame the correct people and its not us for voting with our feet.

  8. “I think things were taken out of context.”

    Nice try, but the problem is not that Cathy is an old bigot with bigoted views. The problem is that Chick-Fil-A as a company donated millions to anti-gay groups over the last few years. Some free coupons by Corey Braun won’t change that because as far as I know they (Chick-Fil-A) still donate money to anti-gay groups.

  9. We all need to hold hands under the colours of the rainbow

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