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UK: National AIDS Trust calls on London Councils to tackle drug use amongst gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Why not ask gay men to take reonsibility of their lives

    1. Hard to do if you are addicted to drugs

      1. Get clubs to ban drugs before hassling councils that are making cuts to the most vulnerable people

  2. Where’s the evidence for this “rapid rise”, please?
    Apart from dubious “research” by groups looking for a rapid rise in funding?
    No more reprinted press releases, thanks.

  3. “…Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT, said, “HIV prevention services for gay men in London have failed to effectively address this issue. They have been too slow to respond to the fast changing trends in drug use on the gay scene…”

    Nonsense, the gay media have long been covering the penetration of crystal meth into the London social scene and reporting on the risks it poses with regard to its correlation to HIV infection and the heightened danger posed to HIV pos men, who are using crystal meth in mdisproportionately high numbers.

    The HIV sector, however, continued to abjectly and steadfastly deny that crystal meth was a problem, so once again the chickens come home to roost and expose the HIV sector for its negligence and indifference.

    Not fit for purpose and not deserving of a penny more of HIV prevention funding.

  4. Hi everyone . I m doing a uni report on a guy who is HIV positive and living in a residential home. I need up to date stats but where I live in newcastle they seem to all end in 2008 and do not seem to include anyone over the age of 59. Any suggestions where I might find more up to date figures.

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