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Study: Six million users log onto Grindr an average of eight times a day

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Reader comments

  1. Could you let me know how you checked any of this, please?
    Or have you just cut-and-pasted another press release?

    Pink News, you can do better than this!

  2. The story is written up in a tone that suggests this is news to be celebrated.

    Actually it is all rather tragic.

    Grindr:- the energy vampire that distracts 6 million of us from more meaningful pursuits and sucks us dry in more ways than one.

    Oops sorry, forgot, PN has a (ahem) “financial arrangement” with this app so I will be sure to join in the cheerleading next times around, as I will also fly the flag for “news stories” about outdoor patios, Carribean cruises, ad nauseum.

    As PN’s byline reads:-

    “…Broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community… We cover politics to theology in an intelligent manner…”

    Of course you to, dear, and who am I to argue with THAT?!

  3. David Waite 27 Mar 2013, 9:09pm

    “..a study has found. The study, by the location-based app..” appears in the first paragraph. PN is reporting on a study commissioned by and publicized by Grindr, presumably because they think their English-speaking readers would like that information without having to join Grindr to receive the data.

    Still, I can picture at least one scenerio which would excuse you, dear fagburn, of any charge that you failed to read and comprehend the first (and subsequent) paragraphs. Perhaps English isn’t your first or second language and you rely on an online translator to decipher PN columns. You have my sincere sympathy.

    Allow me to suggest that if your internet English-to-Other Language translator has failed to clearly quote the above in translation, you might want to try another translator.

    PN please stop printing columns that online language translators can’t decipher. The anguish you seem to be causing some of your non-English-comprehending readers is giving me sympathy angst.

    1. “PN is reporting on a study commissioned by and publicized by Grindr…”

      Satire dies again!

  4. What a marketing fluff piece. The Pink News has had a few such stories along these lines recently. Shame – you’ve got great content. Please make adverts obvious (isn’t that a press requirement, anyway?)

  5. First, it would have been nice if the article simply stated what “Grindr” is. I had to go to their site.

    Second, in spite of the hype, the vast majority of us are still left out in the cold due to the exorbitant fees for mobile internet. I have a very difficult time relating to an article about model-like gay men with enough disposable income seeking other model-like gay men with enough disposable income. Yea, it must be a rough life trying to find each other.

  6. If you do this in moderation, OK, but I guess many folks don’t. If you overdo this hook up thing, my advice would be: in the overall scheme of things, you have about 4000 weeks of life. To waste the precious time you have, born into the one species on this planet, out of hundreds of millions that exist and have ever existed, to idle away on a hook up site all day is a sad waste of resources. And, now, out of 137 million centuries since time began, and out of all the possible combinations of your parents’ DNA. Look up one clear night at the stars and realise how infinitely insignificant you are. Go to a museum. Go to a bookshop, a library. Enjoy the powers of reason and wonder in the short time you have, because soon, those powers will be gone forever. Dump your smart phone.

    1. So true… :)

    2. mm.. I suppose doing both, and then some, is out of the question… lol

    3. I agree entirely, Adrian.

      And what would be more interesting, and meaningful, in terms of statistics and information, would be data declaring how many of those users actually physically meet other users and how often.

  7. Seems fine to me, why the interest and judgmental attitude of some? Get a life.

    Each are entitled to do as they please, we live in a free country – or would you like to make meeting up some sort of criminal offence? What is the different between hooking up with someone using this vs meeting someone in a pub? This will be useful for some who don’t like the scene or pubs. Who is it hurting exactly?

    Live and let live – it’s what we ask others to endorse. I’ve no time for those who make derogatory remarks or insinuations about other people who are gay and who should be minding their own business.

    1. Sodom and Gomorrah sounds absolutely wonderful in theory, GulliverUK, but in practise is not really condusive to the earth maintaining a constant spin on its axis.

      In the same way, how many of those 6 million gay men have amazing potential to realise great things when an app like Grindr exists that can and is harnessing and transmute their energy into ultimately empty and ultimately corrosive pursuits?

      What great and wonderful things is this world being deprived of via the existence of such distractions that fill a temporary void one minute only for the void to open up and consume the user the next?

      That is not judgement at all:- just a plain statement of fact.

      1. what I really mean to say is there is nothing at all wrong with diversions like Grindr so long as they are balanced with other more meaningful pursuits.

        However I do suspect that the creators of these devices – much like drug dealers and gambling-facilitating entrepreneurs – know that the vulnerable and weak-willed who are proned to addictive pursuits will be entrapped by such diversions and fund their pensions into eternity.

        1. I could equally theorise that occasionally fun and pleasure could dismiss their anxiety and any low self-esteem, leading them to be able to properly concentrate on greatness – if seems to me that often when men get their oats they are happy and fulfilled and in a mood of be productive. Being unable to fulfill your desires can lead to anxiety, self-doubt, inability to function properly and be productive.

          And not everyone will find fly-fishing, reading, opera or dog-walking their favorite pastime. And not everyone aims to invent a renewable-energy machine, or a light-bulb which never fails, some people are relationship focused. Heterosexuals have swingers clubs and dogging, we have Grindr ! :D

          1. ps. Sodom and Gomorrah were invented names – Sodom means burnt in Hebrew and Gomorrah means pile of rubble – and they clearly described the cities after they were destroyed, along with 3 other cities. They were small cities with a few hundred people each, none survives more than 100 years, and the destruction was caused by volcanic activity, hence the soot, Lot’s wife turning in to a pillar of salt (ash), and the black tar (bitumen). The sins of Sodom were not homosexuality — in fact that’s not mentioned in the list of sins of Sodom, plus there was no sin, because there is no god, it’s all made-up, and the destruction was a natural phenomenon, just like any volcanic activity or earthquake.

            I’m not quite sure if you’re suggesting that gay men having sex by using Grindr to hook up will destablise the planetary tilt and cause the Earth to someone shift it’s alignment, bringing about the end of the world !!!!

            You sounds like Cindy Jacobs (sorry, that’s very insulting :D )

      2. You’re bang-on there, Samuel B. And I suspect that most of those using Grindr are actually sex addicts. But they would never accept that, of course. Addicts seldom admit they are addicts. Sexual pleasure is very much like a drug: the more you have, the more you want, and it’s the easiest kind of pleasure to indulged in, and what a powerful pleasure it is. As you rightly say, so much time and energy is diverted by sex addicts into pursuing the next brief but intense sexual experience, when all that time and energy could be routed into creative and productive pursuits.

        If PinkNews is actually accepting payment for publicising Grindr (and I hope it isn’t) then the paper is complicit in luring gay men into sexual addiction.

  8. … and I wonder how many define themselves as ‘straight’?

  9. And still no comparable female version….much like the lack of a gaydargirls iphone or android app…

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