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Russia: Gay pride march organiser beaten after city announces ban

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Reader comments

  1. Some people would say that because he is so open about his sexuality while living in such a hostile country, that the attack is Artem Kalinin’s fault.
    But that is tragically missing the point of Pride.
    Pride started because of exactly this sort of treatment and the public’s apathy when witnessing such abuse.

    I do hope Russians eventually start to wake up and fix their country.

    1. Those same people have a rather unappreciated view regarding females dressing promiscuously and subsequent rape. It’s pathetic that people try to use the victim as a scapegoat for the problems of their society. I know that you weren’t making any such claim yourself, but it infuriates me when it happens.

      We hear stories like these daily in media regarding Russia and people cannot handwave it away as the naivety of the victim. Physical assault should never be an expected result of openly loving what you represent.

      1. The sad thing is that there are plenty of people in the UK who do the same thing, I’ve seen comments on the Mail and the Telegraph site that have blamed the victim for either getting raped or attacked.

        I remember when a gay couple were verbally abused by a man on a train from Blackpool to Manchester last year, some of the comments on the site blamed the couple by saying that the couple “provoked” the man and shockingly these comments were voted up, it was absolutely disgraceful.

        Russia’s corrupt leaders have always looked for a group to scapegoat, at the moment it is LGBT people. I feel sympathy for those compassionate, tolerant and progressive Russians who only have a bad name due to their despicable leaders and the church, both of these organisations hold that country down with an iron fist. Of course much of the Russian population have quite a strong prejudice against gay people, but what do you expect in such a society where freedom of thought and expression is denied?

  2. Russia deems the European Court a toothless joke.

  3. DivusAntinous 27 Mar 2013, 10:48pm


    But what the hell are “homosexual values”? I’m gay, I don’t think that is where any of my values come from at all.

    Made up bollocks. Russia always has been a truly dreadful country, in my completely non humble opinion.

  4. I am awed by the courage of people like Kalinin in clearly lawless parts of the world like the Komi Republic (where?).

  5. Quote: ‘they banned the event in response to “requests from the city’s religious and public organisations not to allow public events promoting homosexual values.”’. Religion strikes again. Oh yes – wherever there’s religion, there’s a halt to progress and the advance of human rights. What a sad, backwards place Russian has become since Putin’s dictatorship began.

  6. The best response is self-defense. Gays need to start fighting back instead of being punching bags. I’m gay and I’ll punch back anyone who dares to strike me first.

    1. You shouldn’t have to tho. Not everyone is physically capable of fighting back and often there’s more people on the other side. The point is more broad than that. The situation in Russia right now, and not just on this issue, is appalling. I feel so much sympathy for any decent person living there at this time.

  7. Beat the ‘gay’ out of him.

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