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Oxford’s Trinity College criticised for hosting conference by anti-gay Christian Concern

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Reader comments

  1. I think we need to tread carefully here. Free speech means being free to say things that others may not like. There is no right “not to be offended”. I may not like what this group say, but they have a right to say it. Our job is to show the error of their argument, not to stop them making it.

    1. vversatile 27 Mar 2013, 7:03pm

      They have a right to free speech.
      But the students of Trinity college have the right not to have their college promote a group that would deny them equal rights by hosting a conference there.
      No-one is saying they can’t speak their mind. Just that the college was wrong to put its bank balance before the well-being of it’s students.

      Would they have hosted this group if they were racist – no they would not.

    2. So would you advocate that its ok to say offensive things about ethnic minorities then? Or Jewish people? What’s the difference….

  2. They’re certainly right about islam being a concern. It’s amazing that they can see the problems that causes so clearly whilst blind to the ramifications of their own vitriolic fabrication.

    However, I do think that these people should be allowed to voice an opinion, so long as they’re not advocating deliberate hatred on this occasion. The university presumably doesn’t claim to endorse these particular views.

  3. Liam the God 27 Mar 2013, 1:40pm

    If we want to prevent homophobic islamists from speaking in public the same treatment should be accorded the xtians. However, so far none of these xtian speakers have asked for Gays to be killed, but I’m not even sure about that!

  4. Ummm I’m not so sure…I think its better to let them have their say in public and challenge them on it. I reckon that every time they speak they open themselves to exposure and ridicule by all but the ignorant and the extremists like themselves.

    1. the problem is: WILL anyone be permitted to challenge their lies? I doubt they will let anyone contradict them directly during their event.

      Generally, this sort of event is VERY tightly controlled and anyone wishing to protest or speak out against their lies is excluded immediately.

  5. Let them have their moment.

    If the public’s opinion of marriage law is anything to go by, opening their mouths will only be doing damage to their own cause.

  6. Free speech means the government lets you say what you want to say.

    It doesn’t mean you can say it in my living room, sitting on my furniture.

    Many members of Trinity have no wish to be associated with these people’s views, or to take money so they can sit in the respectable setting of an Oxford college and discuss how to restrict other people’s freedoms.

    That is how democracy – and freedom of speech – work. You get to say what you want, and you accept the consequences, including being denied goods and services.

    The only exceptions should be to prevent persecution of minorities, which is why we have the concept of protected characteristics, and why political views are a protected characteristic in Northern Ireland.

    Political and social views are not a protected category in GB, and nor should they be. If Christian Concern want the protection of the law, they should stick to talking about religion and shut up about politics – then they’ll be covered.

  7. Williams has previously been reported as saying: “It is time to stand up to a militant homosexual lobby who are unable to tolerate difference of opinion and who seek to coerce behaviour and thought.”
    What? And yet, this is exactly what you are trying to do to silence those who support gay marriage and general equality. You seek to shout down, intimidate and bully those who disagree with you in exactly the same way you accuse us of doing to you! Sauce for the gander, is sauce for the goose, Ms. Williams!

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Mar 2013, 3:03pm

    …”unable to tolerate difference of opinion and who seek to coerce behaviour and thought.”

    Well then, how would they react if Trinity hosted a gay conference advocating the same towards christians who would be screaming abuse of religious freedom. Why is it they get a free pass to rail against gay people and their rights but when we do it, we’re accused of threatening and silencing differing opinions?

    1. In my view it comes down to the fact that all gay people are asking for is equal treatment, whereas Christians want special treatment….

  9. Christopher Coleman 27 Mar 2013, 3:17pm

    As a person who always speaks my mind, I’ll not prevent others from speaking theirs. However, I would always press my fellow Christians (and I ask you to do likewise) to justify their views and actions by the known teachings of Jesus. If they fall short, invite them to be silent.

    1. The known teachings of Jesus? He didn’t say a word about gay people – not one thing. There is no reference in the Gospels to gay people what so ever!

  10. “It is time to stand up to a militant homosexual lobby who are unable to tolerate difference of opinion and who seek to coerce behaviour and thought.” Oh yeah? As if christian’s haven’t crushed opponents throughout history? Thank goodness we no longer allow the church to burn heretics and witches – coz you can be darn sure gays would be on top of the flames … whatever platitudes this woman spouts. Miltant christianity = The Taliban in my book.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Mar 2013, 4:17pm

      True. It’s also way past due standing up to the right wing so called ‘christian’ lobby trying to inject religion into the political process and essentially implying theocracy. The Romans had a perfect solution for that but not enough lions to go around. They really didn’t do a thorough job of it sadly.

  11. barriejohn 27 Mar 2013, 4:24pm

    Not all that “Hate the sin but love the sinner” nonsense again. We saw through that years ago.

    PS Many of us would still like to know who is funding all these activities, ’cause they don’t come cheap!

  12. Christian Concern is sending representatives to the “World Congress of Families” international bigotfest in Sydney in May 2013.
    WCF is a ratbag collection of antigay, antifeminist and antiabortion groups- and the antigay US National Organisation for Marriage is also amongst the invitees

  13. Bob Hutton 28 Mar 2013, 9:06am

    Surely free speech works both ways. Gays have the right to promote their views and lifestyle eg. Stonewall.

    However, Christian groups also have the right to express Biblical views provided they don’t encourage violence.

    1. And what do you see as a gay “lifestyle” exactly?

  14. To those saying ‘Let them have their say’ – read some of the prejudice and bigotry in this ‘booklet’ appearing on their website. – Still want them to have their say?

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