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Madonna becomes a billionaire whilst reaffirming support for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Could that picture be any more airbrushed?

    That aside, what has her personal finances got to do with her ongoing support go the LGBT community? Tats really irrelevant!

    Please PN this is gutter tabloid stuff!

    1. It’s a screenshot from the 4 Mintues video, in videos artists tend to be airbrushed.

      But yes, her wealth has nothing to do with her support for the LGBT community, you’re right. But well done to her anyway, she deserves it as she’s worked for it. I’m happy for people who succeed in life by doing things on their own terms.

  2. Ray of light was the last thing she did of any real inspiration or worth. She has had her day, (and what a day it was!) and reaped the benefits, now I wish this old has been would retire quietly and stop embarrassing herself. Exit stage left Your Madgesty! Silly old trout.

    1. Why should she retire? Plenty of male acts who are older than her are still performing. I think that if you can still perform then you shouldn’t stop just because of ageism and misogyny. Her last album MDNA was mediocre in my opinion but she can definitely still put on a show and still has an incredible amount of energy. Look at David Bowie at 66 releasing his first album in 10 years, Madonna still has time on her side, all she needs to do is release good music again. I’m only 24 and I’ve always found ageism irrational because unless you die young getting older is inevitable.

      1. Chris, I didn’t say she was too old, I said she was past her best (Old has been was used as a phrase not as a direct reference to her age.) As I’m almost 55 years old, and a huge fan of Mr Bowie, I agree with your point about age not being a barrier. I do think however that there comes a time in some artists life when they just are not on top form anymore….though still charging top dollar for concert tickets.

        1. So? If people didn’t want to pay it, or didn’t like her, they wouldn’t go, would they? You are trying to be an arbiter for taste, and how people spend their money, but from your comments there is nasty pervasive whiff of misogyny.

        2. Well, you did call her an ‘old has been’ and a ‘silly old trout’ so her age is something you are calling attention to.

        3. I’m often amazed at how often people making ageist comments, especially against women in their 50s onwards, are often of a similar age themselves. All you need to do is to go on the Daily Mail website to see comments that are along the lines of “I’m in my 50s myself but I knew when to call it a day. Learn to grow old gracefully woman!” Now there’s a term I dislike, essentially what these Mailites are saying is that women should only behave in the way society deems appropriate as they get older, that’s what “growing old gracefully” means. Women like Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren are perfectly acceptable to small-minded misogynists, they have aged in a way that is considered acceptable but Madonna is challenging their ideas of what it is to be a woman in her 50s and that threatens some people.

          1. ok guys I realise my opinions were badly phrased and apologise, but I didn’t thnk anyone would take my opinions very seriously. So lets me make it simple. I have every album Madonna made up to Ray of Light. I have been to see her in concert three times and rate her as one of the most innovative and provocative artists of all time. Its just MY OPINION that she is past her best these days and as a true fan. I feel that she should retire disgracefully and stop embarrassing herself. I have a few friends in London who went to see the MDNA tour and didn’t think it was up to scratch BUT I recognise that there are many millions of diehard fans who will always see here as the Queen of Pop. Simples!

          2. My opinion is that she has many years left in her, people have been saying that she’s been “over” for 20 years. She doesn’t seem embarrassed to me, it seems that you are feeling that on her behalf. Personally I wouldn’t dream of telling somebody to stop just because I felt “embarassment” for them, it’s their life not mine, who am I to decide for them? I get the impression that Madonna refuses to limit herself and continues to push onwards and upwards regardless, more people could learn from that. Isn’t it interesting that somebody older is making ageist comments? She’ll be performing for decades I feel and more power to her.

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