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Lancashire: Inquest opened into death of Lucy Meadows

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Reader comments

  1. Whatever the outcome, I am glad that this is being treated seriously.

  2. Littlejohn’s writings seem to be fuelled by hate and bigotry. It is not sufficient to shake one’s head and say “it’s what he does, he has to generate controversy, that’s what he’s paid to do”.
    In the month of self-righteous editorials and puff-pieces about the “importance of press freedom”, Littlejohn demonstrates how that freedom has been abused and corrupted, so that innocent, law-abiding individuals can be persecuted, abused and psychologically damaged at the whim of an editor with an agenda, be it anti-gay, anti-Islam or whatever.

  3. “Disparaging”?!!!! Yes, and ‘Kill the Gays’ is “a little bit naughty”.

    1. I don’t think anything will change. Though, in hindsight that’s very negative because progress in peoples understanding and acceptance has moved forwards. As somone who is different and who has decided to live their life rather than just exist, I am open to being misgendered by anyone who thinks it is clever to do so. All I ask is that people see me as a homan being with all the frailties that affects everyone.
      I only hope that some good will come from Lucys death, if not immediately then maybe in the future.
      I doubt you will ever prevent the press from expressing disrespect for the individual.

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