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Jamaica: LGBT film director says reports of homophobia are not exaggerated but ‘Jamaica will come around’

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  1. Barbados is pretty homophobic too. However, I understand from a Barbadian friend that a recent secret survey found around SEVENTY-FIVE percent of the population admitted to having had homosexual sex! What does THAT tell us about ‘homophobia’? It clearly demonstrates the old addage: “Show me a homophobe: I’ll show you a closet case”.

  2. yikes… the guy would murder his own son for being gay?! harsh. but where in the holy words of the great and good gawd (zzzzz), does it say to kill the gays?! it doesn’t. it’s just dishwater-dull bigoted, narrow-minded machismo! also, i don’t have any link to people of colour and yet i find it very easy to “tolerate” them. their intolerance of us could only be inspired by the inerrant (ha!) words of the bibble.

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