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Comedian Julian Clary: ‘A boy set fire to me on a bus’

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Reader comments

  1. I hope his bullies are now enjoying their minimum wage jobs as shelf stackers in Tescos. How annoying it must have been for them seeing him rise to stardom.

    1. Liam the God 27 Mar 2013, 1:42pm

      It was a PRIVATE school: They’re managing directors and district councillors, not mindless chav scumbags! People like bo jo and cameron! Mindless POSH scumbags!

      1. What a silly post – it is not the kids fault where his parents send him to school. You will find good and bad in all classes / money levels.
        My experience of “POSH” and “not-POSH” is that the former are somewhat more tollerant than the latter.
        Clearly you Liam are extremely bigotted – it is just your hate is over people witth money – and that is little different than any other hate.

        1. Liam the God 27 Mar 2013, 4:34pm

          Yes, because of course there are SO many people high up in business that went to a state comprehensive and managed to get those jobs by the “Old School Tie”, and their parents knowing the right people. *End Sarcastic Bit*
          I note you didn’t take issue with the term “Ignorant CHAV scumbags”, which shows exactly which side of the fence your banner is planted. It also clearly states that Julian Clary was not in there because his parents paid for him to be there, because he had a FREE PLACE! So next time you address me, sir, make sure you read all the details in the item and the reply, then you won’t look such a git.

  2. That’s just horrible. Well done for talking about it now.

  3. These are the things so many of us had to put with (and still do).

    The only possible good thing is that, as Cal says above, his bullies are no doubt well aware of Clary’s success today – and I do hope it sticks in their gullets.

  4. When I was at school I can remember being on a crowded school bus and being drenched in spit by a particularly nasty bully for being being trans. I recall him laughing with glee when a globule of his spit went straight directly into my eye. Both transphobia and homophobia were the norm at schools back in the ’70s and ’80s, both prejudices were often conflated by bullies not bright enough to know the difference and in many cases the teachers joined in, too. What’s particularly sad, is that the treatment you receive as a child kind of sets you up for life as what position society has afforded you. And although I ended up getting better grades than them, all those guys have gone on to earn far more than me and have a much better life because, hey, they’re gendernormative and ‘one of the boys’! heterosexist, gendernormative people sooo respectable….?!

  5. Although gay, I eventually rose to be a House Captain, and Head Boy, and all that bollocks, @ school. I never ‘came out’, but made no secret of my sexuality. While some morons tried it on, I stood my ground and faced them down, as I owed no one any explanation as to how I lived my life. It is not whatclass you come from, it is how ‘classy’ you are. So guys be out and proud if you wish, but mostly be true to yourseves

  6. Oh no! what the world needs, another ‘flaming queen’!!!!

    1. David Myers 28 Mar 2013, 10:42am

      It certainly doesn’t need a bigoted bitchy cynic like you!

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