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Channing Tatum: I’d have sex with George Clooney

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Reader comments

  1. so would I

    1. Me too. Do we need a turnstile?

      1. Looks like I’ll have to make do with Channing Tatum :-)

  2. This isn’t news in the slightest.

    1. Fucking Hell, Tom. Are we so humourless that we can’t have a bit of positive tittle tattle mixed in with the news items? You can enjoy the occasional magazine qualities of Pink News. Relax!
      On a serious note, it IS newsworthy when people in the public eye demonstrate a non-homophobic outlook, as is the case with this story.

      1. Cal relax

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Mar 2013, 7:20pm

    I’d have sex with Channing Tatum any day.

    1. Chillax he’s just kidding and happily married

      1. I wouldn’t let that stop me. “Homewrecker” is my middle name.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 1:02pm

        I know, just a fantasy, nothing wrong with that although there is one I could go for in a big way….Alex O’Loughlin, a drop-dead gorgeous aussie actor that I happened to catch a glimpse of when I was on holiday in America last year in the new remake of “Hawaii Five O”. Bradley Cooper is a close second.

  4. That’d be a movie I’d go and see:-)

  5. Charliej95 27 Mar 2013, 8:14pm

    Id love to be Channing Tatum’s slave :D he is so yummy. mmmm… :p

  6. Who would yo turn gay for? lol why is the magic answer always George Clooney? either he’s really hot or there is $20 riding on your answer… either way his name comes up a lot!

    It says a lot about today’s society when you don’t have to deny being gay… even if your not! When even straight guys have fantasies about you!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Mar 2013, 1:07pm

      Steve, in my post above, Alex O’Loughlin, Bradley Cooper, add to that Daniel Craig, Theo James in that order, one after the other :). If only, perchance to dream. Clooney doesn’t do anything for me although I’ll concede he is very attractive and sexy.

  7. I’d watch that movie. Start the line people.

  8. DollyKnockers 28 Mar 2013, 6:28am

    I would love to be in middle of that man sandwich!

  9. Sorry Channing honey, take a number and get in line! Xx

  10. A little presumptious of Mr. Tatum. What makes him think George Clooney would have sex with him? Sadly, this is the delusion most heterosexual men believe. They seem to imagine every gay man on the planet is ‘after my a*se’ … or is that, perhaps, just wishful thinking on their part ….?

  11. I just think this is hilarious and healthy and harmless. You guys got space for a third? Actually, just so’s y’all know, George Clooney’s been after ME for years. ;-)

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