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Amsterdam to fly rainbow flag for Russian President Putin’s visit to the capital

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Reader comments

  1. While I applaud the gesture, wouldn’t it have been better to tell him to stay at home …?

    1. masteradrian 27 Mar 2013, 3:58pm

      The fact that Russia turns sour on equal rights will be told by the PM of the Netherlands! Such has already been announced!
      And when putin would stay at home… he will not meet the opposition of the russian anti-equality measures!

    2. Michael Matthew Smith 28 Mar 2013, 11:36am

      No you stay home dickhead ‘truth’ !!! Vladimir Putin ‘s got a job to do and He will do it! The problem with you Dutch you’s follow like a little puppy(puppet) the evil british everywhere???!!! What’s with that evil weirdness???!!!

  2. masteradrian 27 Mar 2013, 3:56pm

    Well, the Rainbow flag will NOT be flying officially! It will be flying at the house of the former mayor of Amsterdam, mr. Cohen, and a number of other well-known people in the city!

  3. Photobomb him with the rainbow flag or something similar at the official events, like what kids do when they see someone filming. Then we can see if Russian state news “promotes homosexuality” by broadcasting it.
    Immature laws should deserve an immature reaction.

  4. Thank you The Netherlands. Thank you for standing up for lgtb people. The Netherlands has almost like no other country in the world, always been a beacon of hope, tolerance and freedom for people like me.

  5. Unless the Dutch PM actually brings up the homophobic laws in Russia as a point of discussion then this is well meaning but ultimately meaningless.

    Putin won’t see those flags and even if he did, he wouldn’t care.

    I would like the Dutch PM to condemn the Russian law at his press conference with the dictator.

    1. Stop the anti gay law! 27 Mar 2013, 8:51pm

      Ohhh, but he will see some flags. At least hundreds, but hopefully thousands of them actually. The Dutch national LGBT organization COC is setting up a big protest right outside the venue where he’ll be having his dinner the day he arrives. It should draw quite a few people out there.

  6. The Netherlands has/have (? o_O) always been way ahead on equal rights issues. It comes as little shock that they’re going to speak out against the atrocious homosexual propaganda laws so openly, but I’m extremely appreciative all the same!

    Of course, it’s also one of the most secular countries, but that goes without saying.

  7. “The Russian President will have dinner with several Dutch and Russian entrepreneurs to celebrate the event, which marks a year of cultural exchange between the two nations.”

    Is poison on the menu?

    1. why do we need to promote homosexualism anyways, what’s with that. I mean homosexuals don’t bother me, but what’s to promote about it? Is it something so valuable we need to promote it socially?

      1. it's not an ISM 29 Mar 2013, 4:51pm

        Essentially any law that forbids “promoting” something will in most cases make it impossible to even provide neutral views on that very same thing without the possibility of some court of law passing a sentence on someone breaking that law. There’s no such thing as homosexualism, it’s homosexuality which is something that you don’t choose. It’s also most certainly a human rights issue, if someone’s rights are limited based – among other things – on that person’s sexuality, unless it’s really something that is harmful to third parties.

  8. 2013 is “Netherlands/Russia year” and Putin’s visit will have a very high state profile here in Amsterdam. However, there was a very real sense of outrage, and not only among gay people, that Putin might visit, and that nothing would be said or done to highlight human rights issues in Russia and in particular the appalling “don’t say gay” law which is already in effect in St Petersburg and several other regions.

    The scale of the protest actions that are being organised mean that while it is doubtful that Putin will acknowledge the protests and unlikely that he will say anything that will concretely support the LGBT community in Russia, he will not be able to ignore them completely. The city will be plastered with rainbows, and there will be highly visible and audible mass gatherings. Where Putin goes, the media goes, and we hope this will increase awareness of and focus attention on the very real threat to LGBT people in Russia.

  9. 338-1? LGBT have no friends in parliament there do they? How sad

  10. realequality 30 Mar 2013, 1:59am

    Just wondering how the gay community would feel if we straight people started parading and promoting our would be labelled as homophobia straight away…. so according to the gay community, its only okay and not discrimination when gay people do it? If we’re going to be fair about things, promotion of sexuality altogether should be outlawed, but no ones ever felt the need to impose this law on heterosexuals because we’ve never felt the need to promote our heterosexuality. To the gay community: try see things a little more rationally and stop thinking so emotionally.

    1. Bullshit! You already ‘parade and promote’ your heterosexuality, everywhere I go there are hetero images of sexuality, adverts at bus stops, adverts on tv, every town centre is full of straight couples flaunting their sexuality, kissing their partners in the street. Every tv show has hetero characters flaunting their sexuality, kissing, even having sex! It is impossible to avoid heterosexuals flaunting their sexuality, and yet you complain when we ask for the EXACT SAME RIGHTS that you have.

      1. Well, I have nothing against you hommo-sexpiens but I do not want my child to grow up looking at this as “ordinary” thing and feel it’s “all good” when same sex person approaches in the future in the “flirting” manner… Understand? Keep it in your F’ing bedroom!

        1. I don’t want to see you heteros either, you keep it in your bedrooms too, freaks!

        2. Provided you actually are a parent, which I doubt, I want to tell you two things:

          1. We are going to whatever we damn well please, “flaunt” it however we like and we don’t care what you have to say about it. Why? Because your child is not our problem, it’s yours. Don’t want to explain a natural part of life to your child? Don’t become a parent then.

          2. Your alleged child could very well be gay, wether you like it or not. And their gayness will not be inspired by anything they see on television or on the street. It’s not a choice. Your child will not choose to be gay because they see same-sex couples every now and then. It’s not actually hard to explain the concept to your child if you bother to educate yourself, which you clearly haven’t

          3. Your child will not share your views. They won’t CARE if some people happen to be gay. It is entirely YOUR problem, not theirs, and not ours. So why don’t you keep your ignorant @$$ in YOUR f’ing bedroom.

    2. The straight community doesn’t need to have parades because it’s never been illegal to be straight or to get married. Nor has anyone lost their job or housing because they’re straight. Simple as that.

      When gays have equal rights and are fully accepted by all, there will be no need for gay parades.

      1. realequality 2 Apr 2013, 4:23am

        What does promoting heterosexuality have to do with marriage? Im sorry but there are plenty of heterosexuals that have no desire to get married, that dont believe in marriage or think its necessary. So please dont say that promoting homosexuality is justified just because its illegal for gays to marry. Promoting heterosexuality doesnt mean promoting heterosexual marriage, so I dont believe promoting homosexuality equals promoting homosexual marriage. So that doesn’t mean promoting your sexuality is in strife for equal rights, you have the right to your own sexuality so theres no need to promote it. Marriage and sexuality are seperate issues, so dont use them interchangeably when “promoting”

        1. It’s a message: your love is not “just a phase” and it is not “un-natural” or in some way lesser to ours just because you have different sexy parts: your love and commitment is the same.

          Maybe if you lived outside of your privileged little box and imagined what it would be like in other people’s shoes for once you might have an easier time understanding the concept of “real equality.”; the desire to have the same rights and respect people like you take for granted every second and every day of your life, while having the audacity to attempt to dispute or discredit others who do not have such respects or rights.


    1. The millions of LGBT people in Russia disagree

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