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US: Supreme Court poised to debate same-sex marriage for the first time

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  1. <>

    Judges should interpret law, not impose morality. Period.

    The supreme court of the United States has one single purpose: to interpret the constitution and uphold or strike down laws in relation to that interpretation.

    Morality, or the Bible, have absolutely no place in a courtroom.

  2. Jon "maddog" Hall 26 Mar 2013, 3:27pm

    “They might see themselves, what with people like Senator Portman buckling to the sodomite lobby, as the last line of defense, the last moral men in a crumbling universe,” he said.

    “The sodomite lobby”….”the last moral men”…

    No one has to lobby “for sodomy”, since the last laws on that were scrubbed from the books years ago. As to “the last moral men”, if the Supreme Court thinks like that, then we really are in trouble, for what definition of “moral” are we discussing?

    How about thinking of themselves as the “highest defender of fair and equal treatment”, the defenders of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Mar 2013, 3:50pm

    Thus far, Justice Kennedy, the swing voter is uncomfortable upholding or striking down Prop., 8. It may just turn out that Prop. 8 will be left invalidated by the 9th circuit’s prior decision which means California gay couples can resume getting married. Kennedy also said that it’s too soon to rule on same-sex marriage which might mean no decision on DOMA giving hate group NOM cause for celebration of course. Let’s hope it goes the other way.

  4. We are all equal regardless religion, sexual preferences, etc. Same sex marriage should be recognized by the federal law. It’s time America!

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