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US: New group launched to keep gays out of Boy Scouts – says don’t listen to Madonna or Bill Gates

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  1. Modern day Nazis.

  2. PN’s headline seems improbable. You mean there aren’t any gay people in the BSA already, and they/we will be KEPT OUT?

    Kept in the closet, maybe.

  3. do they really not have anything better to do?! keeping the american scouts bigoted is hardly an endeavour worth a press release! weirdoes.

  4. midnighter 27 Mar 2013, 1:13am

    “Sex and politics are matters that should be reserved to parents only and not for other individuals ”

    Perish the thought anyone in the world outside your bigoted “home values” bubble might influence your children’s minds.

  5. Well, I shall certainly be making detours to find a Chipotle whenever I’m over in Florida !

    Sounds a really great place.

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