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US: LGBT books in California Department of Education list are ‘raping the innocence of our children’ says radio show host

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Reader comments

  1. Sandy Rios is my new barometer. If she’s ranting, someone’s doing something right.

  2. on the other hand 26 Mar 2013, 8:02pm

    Do we have to have a story every day about this foreign nonentity on an obscure radio show. PN must be the only people tuning in.

  3. Robert A. Cuthbertson, M.D. 26 Mar 2013, 8:53pm

    Ms. Rios…what part of the First Amendment do you not understand? It is not about your right wing hatred…for you have your garbage to read for that…it is for the youth who need REAL information, factual information about same sex issues…
    I am glad when I was in the 7th grade the library was open…even the public library carried books that described same sex issues, relationships and possible threats from society. I learned quickly to read them privately..but they were available You would have parents who are blinded by religious dogma and BS you spew…tell their kids they will go to hell. Oh yea….keep your religion out of our rights..and out of OUR First Amendment.

  4. 1990s throwback lady suffering from foot in mouth disease, again… perhaps she’s only got one book on her reading list for school children?! imbecile.

    1. Liam the God 26 Mar 2013, 11:23pm

      1990’s? More like 1490’s!!

  5. But it’s ok to tell a child they may burn in he’ll for eternity.

    1. Yes of course it is… after all the only book that Sandy Rios would ever advocate is the bible!

  6. “Leftist educators are advocates of everything from socialism to sexual anarchy. It’s very base; it’s raping the innocence of our children.”

    Since when have children been innocent? Most kids are a lot more switched on then their parents! If kids are reading these books in the class room, then they won’t have to read or browse the inter net in fear of being found out! I’m sure if Sandy Rios had her way the only book that would be read/studied would be the bible…!

    I think a good acronym for Sandy’s last name, which I think best describes the world in which she inhabits, is…

    R.I.O.S. = “Reality isn’t our specialty”

  7. Her blatant use of the words raping and Children in the same sentence designed to provoke a strong negative reaction.

    What a nasty lying bigoted foul mouth bint.

  8. Loopy Lou is off on one again.

    I think she needs the love of a good man or woman to sort her out, for she is clearly sexually frustrated, I mean why else would she be so obsessed about all things sexual in the first place?

  9. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2013, 12:13pm

    Yet again they blame other for what They do not anyone else.

    Surely it’s people like this that keep banging on about Gay people that is “raping the innocence of children”. They’re obsessed then blame all other for their continuous vile obsessive bigotry.

    Get over it love!! Stop thinking about people by the sex they have and start seeing people for the human beings we ALL are!

  10. With a botched nose job like that, no wonder she is on radio.

  11. Remember people, this woman has similar opinions to the Nazis and the religious fundamentalists in other countries – if she had the chance she would orchestrate a book burning to banish anything she doesn’t agree with.

    Idiots like her are all the same. They refuse to recognize their own fascism, they refuse to see that they are the Taliban, they refuse to knowledge that their views have been seen in all religious dictatorships and extreme far-right movements throughout history.

    These people are dangerous. While she might just be one lunatic mouthing off on the radio, there are a lot of others who listen and believe the same tripe.

    People should be prepared. If the law in the USA is changed (and lets hope that it is) there will be a backlash. Whether that’s in media and through BS, or through actual violence, remains to be seen.

    There are indeed a lot of home grown extremists in the US.

  12. The real problem with education in the USA, Sandy dear, is not ““Leftist educators who are advocates of everything from socialism to sexual anarchy”, but buy-bull thumping morons like you who dictate for financial cutbacks for programs like music and Physical Education, contribute to overcrowded classrooms where students can barely get any individual attention, and constant testing thanks to the Bushes and their so-called “No Child Left Behind” programs, which guarantees thaat no child is ever left behind…regardless of whether they have learned anything or not!
    You’d rather they get pushed out into the world with minimal education so that it’s that much easier for people like you to cloud their minds with sickeningly bigoted rhetoric, and nowhere near enough education to make a decent living so that you can keep them to busy and tired from working multiple low-paying jobs to ever have the energy to spare to stand up to you and your corporate masters for fair and EQUAL treatment!!!

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