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UK Black Pride announces partnership with Pride in London

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Reader comments

  1. Another example of people putting themselves in little boxes. Events like this take us backward not forward.

    1. Surely its exactly the opposite

    2. not its not

    3. Ehh? I don’t get it?

    4. Let me take a wild guess: you’re not black are you, Stevie?

  2. GulliverUK 26 Mar 2013, 7:00pm

    Great news if they can all work together, pull together, to make Pride a greater success this year. With Pride there are a lot of diverse groups, none need to feel they’re loosing identity, there’s room for everyone, but we are … all …. included under the LGBT banner. We share that.

    Also, PN: “click here” at bottom of article doesn’t work :( Plz fix.

    1. Yeah sure ask the disabled people if they will have a safe space at the front of the march

  3. what is meant by concerns about the structural exclusion of the capital’s diverse LGBT communities?

    I dont understand why there is or was a need for Black Pride?

    1. Maybe because black gay guys feel excluded? I don’t know, but does it matter? Why be against it? Unless you’re racist?

      1. You’re not a racist for questioning why people put themselves in a box in a box in a box. We are one gay community within London and our diversity should be celebrated collectively.

        As a white man who likes hiphop, rnb and soca I feel structurally excluded by the generic, trashy music/culture prevalent in Soho and Vauxhall. Skin colour doesn’t come into it!

        1. Of course you’re right There is no racism in the world.

          Well done you for realising this fact

        2. We are one gay community within London

          Really? I find that hard to believe. My experience is of many different gay ‘communities’ in London.

      2. excuse me I was asking a question why is it when anyone questions anything to do with the black community they are called a racist? You need to read my question before jumping down my throat with smart comments.

        1. Perhaps you might ask a black gay friend why he thinks there may be a need for a separate Black Pride?

        2. Because you usually are. You say why do black people need pride but recognise a separate black community. You’re full of it and a bit thick

    2. Well there is no reason why you should Ben.

  4. Surely by having a Black Pride that wrongly suggests that Pride is currently a white-only affair?

    I think these people need to get over themselves, quite honestly and loose their colour blindness.

    I don’t see black LGBT people, or white LGBT people, I see us all as one.

    What’s wrong with this concept. Why do we need colour divisions?

    1. Of course Black Pride is needed do you seriously think that Britain has moved on ? It hasnt all you have to do is to look at the Equality Act 2010 s 156 and shedule 3.3 which discriminates against blacks and potentially against the queer community as it does not think the the judge or courts should be there to abolish discriminiation of any sort…not kidding .
      Also there is the fact that there are still discrimination in inter-racial same sex relationships ( i found it personally) and having a black pride is good for the black queer, also in times of being queer bashed by other blacks!

    2. there are also christian queer pride( queers for Christ et al) , muslim & Jewish queers ….get ma drift???

    3. To be fair though it isn’t really about how you see things,its probably got more to do with how other people see people.

      Increased levels of homophobia from the black community are well documented, so the challenges faced by gay people within those communities are likely to be more acute.

      If you read all the comings and goings in Africa at the moment, homosexuality is continually referred to as a white man’s disease, or as having been imported from Europe, or other such variations.

      Being black and gay may not always be different, but often it is.

      Surely none of us loses anything if one day of the year black people stand up and say they are proud to be black and gay?

      1. And what if those of us who are white stand up and say we’re proud to be white and gay?

        I wonder how that claim would be received?

        1. Only a person who enjoys white privilege can pose the question?

          1. Oops – …that question

          2. What’s white privilege Ian?

          3. PantoHorse 26 Mar 2013, 8:58pm

            Sorry, up-clicked that comment by Paul AP by accident. Meant the opposite.

          4. Paul AP, if you seriously don’t comprehend what ‘white privilege’ is, then I’m afraid any further discussion will be wasted on you.

        2. It’s just like the homophobic bus adverts

          If they can do it – why can’t we?

          As a white gay guy, you don’t feel excluded on the gay scene, because essentially, it’s ‘your’ world!

        3. Why exactly would you want to do that?

          I’m quite comfortable with the fact that the black gay community probably faces more problems than I do, and if they want to have a black pride event to highlight they are proud to be both black and gay then its no threat to me. I am not intimidated by it. I am not deminished by it. I don’t have anything to fear from it.

          You appear to have some issues or agenda that I have no interest in whatsoever.

          If it isn’t your sort of thing though, I can only suggest you don’t go.

          1. Well said, Jose.

        4. ‘…And what if those of us who are white stand up and say we’re proud to be white and gay?…’

          this is as ridiculous as heterosexual responding to gay equality by saying to be proud to be straight

        5. You don’t really understand the difference between majorities and minorities, do you Paul AP?

    4. What’s wrong with this concept. Why do we need colour divisions?

      Well, clearly because non-white people are made to feel different within the gay world. Can’t you see that? Nothing is wrong with the concept except that reality doesn’t live up to it.

      … and loose [sic] their colour blindness.

      Surely you mean ‘lose their colour-consciousness’?

  5. Well done Phyll congrats and more grease to your elbow.

  6. lady tanya 27 Mar 2013, 1:32pm

    I do not care if you red yellow grey brown black white, if you are lesbian gay trans bi, we need to be all in it together . we need to show the world that there is no discrimination with in the lgbt, I KNOW there is but we need to practise what we preach and be all in it together on the same day

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