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Theresa May announces scrapping of ‘defensive’ and ‘secretive’ UK Border Agency

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Reader comments

  1. GulliverUK 26 Mar 2013, 4:10pm

    If LGBT asylum seekers continue to be deported without proper legal process, without fair investigation in to their circumstances, without accountability, if they are beaten and mishandled whilst in custody, then there is only one group of people who will get the blame – the government.

    They assured us it would be very different under them. They, all of them, all the parties, LibDem, Labour, Tory, all said they would treat LGBT asylum seeking individuals with proper respect and not deport them without proper consideration, as happened before, yet I’ve seen gay people deported back in to danger, and now some are dead.

    If the agency doesn’t work — the government is to blame, ultimately, so anything which can be done to fix the problem is welcome.

    1. GulliverUK 26 Mar 2013, 4:18pm

      “… we would change the rules so that gay people fleeing persecution were granted asylum. At the moment gay asylum seekers are often returned to countries with homophobic regimes and told to keep their sexuality a secret.”

      Conservative, Contract for Equalities, page 15

      Labour and LibDems all made pledges to reform how LGBT asylum applications are handled.

      1. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2013, 5:39pm

        To be fair, that was the advise for all governments before this one. This is the first government to tackle this issue head on and at least this government is clearly trying to make changes where no other even tried.

    2. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2013, 5:36pm

      The problem is when it comes to LGBT asylum seekers no previous government did anything at all, so we have nothing to go on.

      At least we can see that a difference is trying to be made here and I seriously hope it can.

  2. And not about time, Yet again GB plc is shown to be as pathetic as the people that run it when it comes to looking after its own or other’s seeking safety

  3. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2013, 5:34pm

    What’s happening via LGBT deportations is appalling. This government promised to tackle the problem that governments before ignored and to give credit where it’s due at least we can see they are trying to do something.

    Whether they succeed remains to be seen but at least we know they will be answerable to what they do.

    It has to be a difficult job at the best of times. To know that probably most are genuine but have to work out who the bogus ones are… It’s not a job I could do.

    Here’s hoping improvements will be made and we start to see a difference but there has to be a better way of determine who is genuine and who isn’t.

    1. GulliverUK 26 Mar 2013, 5:54pm

      We’ve seen all these promises before;

      Gay asylum seekers win protection from deportation (July 2010)

      Here we are in 2013 with exactly the same problem.

      The only thing which ever matters is action

      By May 2011 we had;

      Gay asylum claims not being counted despite pledge, admit ministers

      “Ministers have admitted they are failing to collect data on the number of people who claim or are refused asylum on the basis of their sexuality, despite a government promise not to deport lesbians and gay men at risk of persecution.”.

      1. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2013, 12:23pm

        And where are the comments from the Labour Government?

  4. I hope this is not another joke. This government know what is going on to LGBT aslyum seekers and have blood on their hands. I only hope they can clear the system of the thugish mentality that saw LGBT mistreated and killed because of their care.

  5. How could the Home Office (UKBA) lock out more than five millions immigrants (2002-2012) flooding in from Poland? More than ten millions immigrants are set to come to the UK before 2020 from Bulgaria, Romania and other eastern EU member states.

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