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Video: Ann Coulter discussion on ‘nanny state’ anti-smoking law derails into debate on gay saunas

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Reader comments

  1. Coulter is hate for hire – Her whole routine is to blow her dog whistle of hatred and wait for the morons in the religious right to pay her personal appearance fees and buy her books.

    She is pure grift, nothing more, appealing to Fox mouth-breathers and magic-addled cretins.

    And the best way to deal with this ridiculous woman is to cut off the oxygen of publicity.

    1. “magic-addled cretins”

      Wonderfully put, Valksy!

  2. Why is this regarded as news?

    This is not news.

    This woman’s job is to be a paid bigot for shock value.

    Please stop giving morons like this the oxygen of publicity they need for their careers to thrive.

    1. I’d agree with you if Fox News had not already provided her with her platform. As it is, I appreciate knowing, courtesy of Pink News, what passes for debate on Fox News and therefore what sort of bigotry is being piped into homes the length and breadth of the USA.

      After all, I don’t think this extra publicity Coulter is receiving here will win her any new converts amongst PN readers. ;-)

      1. But Anne Coulter’s entire career is based on making the most offensive comments possible, whenever she can.

        She is a TV equivalent of an internet troll, and trolls should be ignored.

        She’s saying this on Fox ‘News’ – which is not a news channel – it’s merely a fundamentalist’s soapbox.

        1. John M. Joyce 26 Mar 2013, 1:07am

          No, ignoring trolls is very, very dangerous. Everyone simply ignored Pol Pot and look what happened in Cambodia when he seized power. Most people are ignoring the rise of Mohammedanism today and burying their heads in the sand concerning the 20,000 plus some terrorist attacks commited by Mohammedans since 9/11 (see, but if we ignore it too, then we will pay with our lives. I say again, ignoring trolls is very, very dangerous.

          1. *Sigh*

            You’re American right?

    2. I wish the woman would just stop taking oxygen herself!

      1. John M. Joyce 28 Mar 2013, 4:22am

        No, SteveC, I’m British to the core. Are you racially prejudiced against Americans? Or is it that you, in common with most wooly-minded socialists, just don’t want to let other people have different opinions? Perhaps, of course, you haven’t actually looked at the statistics about the number of gay, or suspected gay, people like us who are killed each year in the Muslim world. Maybe you’ve never read just what the sharia so-called law says about us.

        Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? And it’s so much easier to call me names, or make unwarranted assumptions about me, than to actually investigate for yourself, isn’t it?

  3. Ann Coulter says offensive things. This is not news.

  4. I have never heard an intelligent word come out of her mouth. The woman is vile.

    1. The woman would not know intelligence if it sat on her face and wriggled!

  5. Christopher Kay 25 Mar 2013, 6:23pm

    That woman is vomit inducing.

  6. How stupid can some people be? – no, that’s not a challenge.

  7. I have to agree with all the comments above, particularly the first regarding Coulter basically being a grifter who comes out with this nonsense for publicity.

    I enjoy and value Pink News very much but you do yourselves a disservice by covering her in ramblings – I’m not sure she’s actually a threat to gay people with her rubbish (likewise Bryan Fischer) as opposed to the type of bigots who have actual influence.

    1. GulliverUK 25 Mar 2013, 7:03pm

      Sometimes when I come here I wish it would first ask, on the main page, if I wanted good news, or ranting maniacs, and then present the news-stories according to my mood on that visit !

      As for Coulter – she is barking – what more is there to say. If you take her seriously you’re wasting your time, when you could be enjoying life. Best advice is to ignore these prats – we waste too much time on these people – listening to their nastiness doesn’t help improve the mood.

      Only the law-makers actually matter right now. With cuts to HIV support work and LGBT organisations, and homelessness, hate crimes and homophobia in schools, we need to be spending collective community effort on solving those issues, not in being distracted by this paid-for hate-monger.

  8. She does bring up a legitimate issue.

    Barebacking is a problem in the gay community and the consequences are dire for all members of society.

    1. So let’s discourage public displays of barebacking and ban barebacking promotions in store windows. DONE.

  9. Whenever I see Coulter all I see is a skull void of flesh with plastic hair extensions glued to its skull. The fact is she’s only ever invited to ‘talk shows’ for the hate she spews at every opportunity it might be good for the flagging ratings, but only in she short term, and long enough or them to rake in the cash. I suspect she only trained as a lawyer because someone said something bad to her in her childhood, and since then she’s been trying to outwit everyone ever since. But really she’s only fighting against her own Jungian shadow. Not only that, but her books rely on the fact that she gets all her facts right to shore up her mad arguments, but uh oh, her facts tend to be either misguided, spurious, or entirely wrong. Just take a look at her face whenever she’s had one of her so called ‘facts’ is show up to be wrong, or worse, she doesn’t know how to do basic research. It’s like seeing the air being sucked out of her lungs. When this happens she sits there absolutely stunned.

  10. She’s such a joke. But she’s not funny.

  11. Fascinating that someone can go throughgheirlife with such a passion for trying to cause offence. She’s pure poison and is only a mouthpiece for other poisonous people. She won’t convert anyone. Too extreme.
    Smug. Nasty. Moose.

  12. Will she still be on GOProud’s Christmas card list now?


  13. I agree that this is not news, she’s a vile waste of skin and we just assume that every other sentence she spews is attacking someone.

    She probably wakes up and kills a kitten before she brushes that scraggly mop of extensions on her head.

    PN should write about her when she says or does something that doesn’t involve venting her spleen, that would be news!

  14. ptitsuisse 28 Mar 2013, 2:58pm

    Thanks Pinknews for archiving how dumb humans can be…
    Shes wierd and very stupid….but why is she on television…!???

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