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US: GLAAD alters its mission statement to include trans and bisexual focus

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Reader comments

  1. It is about time! Channeling Biden, “This is a big f*cking deal. And GLAAD officially recognizes that trans women were right there in the Stonewall riots and in fact started it!

    I hope they do add transphobia and transmisogyny to their media reference guide. It is bizarre that they haven’t included it yet. A lot of people tell us transphobia or transmisogyny doesn’t even exist!

  2. What a brilliant example of bisexual erasure this story is.

  3. I could hardly believe my eyes! There, in the headline, bisexuals get a mention. Throughout the article, not once! Is this organisation yet another that puts a silent B in for form’s sake without a second thought for bisexuals?

  4. I have always thought that most LGBT organizations should actually be LG(b)(t) organizations, as they gladly take B&T money and volunteer time, but don’t do much for us. I was so happy to read the headline to this story, and am still pleased to hear that a mainstream group like GLAAD will be working on trans issues.

    But if you read The Bisexual Invisibility Report, it is clear that the consequences of biphobia are harsh and real. Bisexuals were found by The Williams report to be the largest group in the LGBT rainbow; we deserve better than being erased.

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