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UK: Attorney general asked to review ‘unduly lenient sentence’ for the killing of gay teenager Steven Simpson

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to them. Off course this was way too lenient for the crime that was committed!

  2. Something needs to be properly done to deal with our judiciary who seem incapable of regarding strangers (especially those with disabilites or LGBT) as being of equal worth to themselves and their friends. Fundamentally shallow and lacking the credibility of even justice.

  3. Brett Gibson 25 Mar 2013, 1:26pm

    Can’t believe people can be put away for nearly 10-15 years for copyright infringement or drug dealing. Then killing someone 3 and a half years? What’s wrong with this world?

    1. And with so many other factors as well: bullying, torture, humiliation, and then not assisting when the poor lad was dying.

      1. Apparently he “tried” to put the fire out and then ran away. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. Liam the God 25 Mar 2013, 1:37pm

    I sent an Email to the Attorney Generals office about the sentence, and got a reply today saying they would look into it. Quite a few people have done so because “White Collar” crimes are now being punished far more severely than crimes of violence, and that shows where successive governments have put their priorities very clearly: “People come down the list after Money, property, and shouting at the Prime Minister!”
    The Law is not only an Ass, it has its head up the asses ass!!

    1. You are so right ! This country has definitely lost the plot and treats its citizens like absolute garbage. No wonder the place has gone down the pan. Something radical needs to be done to our law-system – if one can call it “law”. They are too fond of handing out parking tickets etc and grabbing their big fat salaries rather than doing their jobs properly. This poor lad was bullied previously and had paint poured over him so he and his mum moved home – only for Steven to be burned alive ! With people standing and watching. I have trod in better stuff on the street. May they all have horrible lives and suffer as poor Steven did.

  5. lady tanya 25 Mar 2013, 1:50pm

    how come the people who do theses to us think that its ok,,, i sometimes wish we could do it back to them,,,,, but then if we could it would make us as bad and as hateful as them,,and i NEVER want to be like them NEVER

    1. “how come the people who do theses to us think that its ok…”
      The fact that someone can, and probably would be sentenced to more time in jail for false accounting than Jordan Sheard did for ending someone’s life.
      It’s almost a career advert for criminals.

  6. ChrisMorley 25 Mar 2013, 3:53pm

    Blaming the judge for this pathetic sentence ignores the failings of both the Police (failure to consider and investigate aggravation of the offence as a hate crime) and the Crown Prosecution Service for not instructing the police to investigate hate crimes and for failing to prosecute for those.

    The judge can only sentence on the basis of the case as it was prosecuted in court and police and prosecutors seriously failed Steven and the judge.

    The Police and Crown Prosecution Service often fail to identify, investigate and prosecute hate crime aspects of offences and there was an investigation about these failures by the Equality and Human Rights Commission two years ago.

    Questions should also be asked about why the prosecution was only for manslaughter and not murder. Covering someone in an inflammable liquid and setting light to them was treated as a prank rather than an attempt to kill.

    1. Liam the God 25 Mar 2013, 4:32pm

      Look up the presiding judge and you’ll see he’s actually a bit of a bell-end without the help of the CPS and Police.
      I agree the CPS should have treated it as a Hate crime, and that’s why we’re all emailing the AG’s office.

    2. I believe this so-called “judge” also gave 3yrs 6mths recently to someone who sold fake goods on EBay ! So that just about sums him up,don’t you think ? The murderer Jordan Sheard told the court that he only wanted to cause poor Steven a serious disfigurement because of him,supposedly, being gay !! “Only wanted to cause him a serious disfigurement” – or words to that effect !!! This piece of scum gate-crashed to an 18 year old boy’s party and deliberately poured oil over him. He then incited others, as well as himself, in writing vile words on his body. Then the little bastard set him alight !!! Oh yes,there is something VERY RADICALLY WRONG with our so-called police. Very wrong indeed! The police fail and fail and fail again – don’t they. A lot of them are just crooks in a legal uniform. They are supposed to be “civil servants” and their I myself contribute towards their salaries through the Council Tax I pay – and I resent paying every penny !

    3. Continued../ How do we know that Steven was actually gay as the poor kid had various problems and perhaps he just said he was gay to be popular! Have any partners of his come forward ? Some people pretend to be all sorts of things just to make friends – which could have been the case with Steven. That is why he seemed to like the attention but he was probably totally unaware of what was really happening. This Jordan pig is an out and out murderer and he deserves at least 10 years in solitary. The so-called “judge” should be dis-barred as he seems to have a terrible reputation. I am for fair play and justice and it is about time that such things happen here. I really,really hope that little piece of s… has a terrible life and never, ever, forgets what he has done. The judge seems to be anti-gay. Is the judge virginal and innocent ? Wonder what skeletons are in his cupboard to think that this HORRENDOUS act was JUST prank ! The guy is a vile sicko !!!

  7. Barbaric killing and pathetic sentence that should be a national outrage if the press didn’t prefer to focus on the stunning fact that we have snow.
    Jordan Sheard probably won’t find prison such a rough ride – he seems like the type who would be in his element in one.

  8. fingers-crossed for 8-10 years. it may be that sheard was just having a lark at the expense of simpson – hey, we’ve all been there, eh?… rubbish, i would never pour oil on someone’s boxershorts and then set it on fire because i was being egged on to “light it”. obviously there was an intention to cause serious injury with flammable liquid. shame on those people for provoking the situation – pity we can’t get them for inciting assault… this is a revolting story. no justice at all for steven or his family and an insult to the justice system in the uk. shame on the judge.

    1. ps. just read that steven had “gay boy” written in lipstick on his forehead when found (as quoted by a paramedic) and other gay slurs on his body and that sheard had gatechrashed steven’s birthday party. also, this pathetic piece of humanity had been bullying steven for some time. listen up people, 3 and half years sentence, out in 18 months…

      1. Liam the God 25 Mar 2013, 6:54pm

        If you see the comments on the report of the sentence there’s the email address of the Attorney General’s office; you can write and add your opinion to the others about this abhorrent miscarriage of Justice, and demand it is reviewed.

  9. Unfortunately judges can’t be sacked, which in this case should happen. I can just see any other defendant accused of a hate crime pointing to this case and say if he can get away with it so can I.

  10. Sheard would have known, as anyone knows, that alcohol is inflammable and the effect fire has on skin. He may not have meant to kill the boy but he cannot deny intent to GBH. This sentence is a disgrace. The judge is a disgrace.

  11. Everyone knows the consequences of setting fire to a person. Fire kills. Unless a person who commits such an act is insane then there must be intent. It is completely illogical to charge a murderer with manslaughter, unless there are prejudices from within the criminal justice system resulting in such a lenient punishment. In the case of Steven’s murder something in the criminal justice system has gone very wrong. Steven was gay and had a disability. Disabled people face much prejudice, but it is more likely that his sexuality was the reason for possible prejudice against him by the judicial system that resulted in his murderer being treated extremely leniently. I emphasise prejudice being a factor because I cannot believe that this injustice would possibly happen if Steven had been heterosexual. That could be paranoia, but who is to say that the judge is not homophobic or that homophobia did not exist within the ranks of the CPS and the Police handling the case.

  12. I would urge South Yorkshire LGBTs to organise a rally in Barnsley or Sheffield, ASAP. Don’t let him become another Michael Causer.

  13. Had Steven been the judge’s son, his murderer would be spending the rest of his life in prison.

    1. Yes, that is probably what would happen. We are supposed to be a democratic country yet there is a law for one and a law for the rest of us. About time something was done about it ! Sod the “class” system and let’s have a fair, just, society. This ruling was NOT fair as the poor lad was deliberately set alight. Not one of those so-called human beings put the flames out until Steven’s neighbour came to the rescue, by which time it was too late ! What evil, vile creatures to just stand and stare and to goad someone to “light it” ! It is stuff of your worst nightmare.

  14. I’m sure he would have got longer if he’s stolen a car and written it off. How an irreplaceable life can be worth less than a replace object such as a car is bound me. Dearly hope this sentence is increased to at least double figures

    1. In my local paper, a man received a jail sentence of 3 years for attempted burglary. The sentence handed out to Steven’s killer is ridiculous.

  15. I first learnt of this tragic story last week when in the Metro newspaper that can be picked up on buses and trains. They’d resigned it to a small piece in the bottom right-hand corner on a page in which the main article was about a gay woman (‘with, the reader was informed, gender identity issues) who also got sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison – but for ‘deceiving’ her straight girlfriend by pretending to be male as oppposed to sexually assaulting someone and then burning them to death. The other, smallest article, on the page reported the death of Lucy Meadows with the mocking headline: ‘Sir, who was a Miss…’ (or something along those lines – with an accompanying pre-transition photo of her dressed as a male.

    1. Then we must do something about this injustice. Write to the newspapers and complain about the ridiculous placing of their stories. Where I live it was the highlight, one Christmas, to report of a stolen plastic Father Christmas rather than other stuff !!!! Some really sick people.

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