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Son of US Senator who changed stance to support equal marriage reflects on coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Can someone PLEASE proof read these articles. “a decision which led to his father controversially reversing his decision to support equal marriage” – no, it lead to him reversing his decision to oppose equal marriage,

  2. I find all this SO tiresome. So, some homophobic religious tosspot changes his mind about homosexiality because his son comes out …? And …. ? As has been reported, the religious bigots are not going to be swayed by this. They are going to remain religious bigots. One can only hope that the majority of them are of that generation who will sod off to meet the maker of whom they’re so fond (yet, with medfical intervention, strenuously avoid the appointment) before too much longer.

    1. No, it’s tiresome but quite important. This is a senior Republican, not a religious wingnut. Republican voters will take note of this, more than they will the likes of psycho Linda Harvey.

      And this blog post is important too because it gives the other side of the family’s story, and shows that there is a way forward for the US that includes treating gay people equitably. People will look at this and think “What would I do if this happened in my family?” and from there would decide to do the same.

    2. A little bit shortsighted, truth. Much of the change in public opinion about GLBT rights has come about because of ordinary Gay people standing up and being counted with the support of their families. This story should be shouted from the rooftops. This kind if thing changes public opinion more than parades of drag queens, GoGo boys and butch dikes with banners – as important as that also is, of course.

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