US conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has falsely claimed that every time equal marriage has been on a ballot in the US it has been defeated.

Limbaugh made his claims on the Rush Limbaugh Show, despite the fact that several states have passed equal marriage though referendum, and the most recent polls show that US support of equal marriage is at an all time high.

“If left to a vote of the people, same-sex marriage loses every time it’s been on the ballot,” he said.

He went on to say that “every time it’s been voted on by the people, it has gone down to defeat. That’s why the courts have to get involved”.

In January, Limbaugh refused to apologise for suggesting America’s growing acceptance of equal marriage could also pave the way for the “normalisation” of paedophilia.

Limbaugh had read portions of a Guardian newspaper article on his radio show which highlighted a debate over whether paedophilia should be classified as a sexual orientation.

On 7 March, the US west coast state of Washington followed Maine and Maryland in passing a referendum in support of marriage rights for gay couples, and Minnesota voted against outlawing equal marriage.

Several polls released recently have found that support for equal marriage in the US has shifted greatly, and is an at all time high.