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Rapper A$AP Rocky: ‘It’s crazy’ that homosexuality is even an issue in hip-hop

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Reader comments

  1. Judith Iscariot 26 Mar 2013, 12:35am

    Great. And his music isn’t terrible. But then we have this:
    “…he considered himself, as well as other artists including Kanye West and Jay-Z, examples of artists who are not prejudiced.”
    Clearly I missed something about Kanye. Apparently I was too stunned by his ignorance, self-importance and plain old dickheadedness to notice that he wasn’t “prejudiced”.
    On the other hand, Jay hasn’t said anything I remember. Which usually means he hasn’t said anything horrendous so far.

    1. Liam the God 26 Mar 2013, 12:43am

      Don’t forget he’s also married to Beyonce, and as a Bi Guy I was just a tad envious UNTIL I saw her at the Superbowl halftime show this year: Oh dear oh dear oh dear…..

    2. Jay-Z came out in support of equal marriage after Obama did: – “It’s no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple.” Give him some credit.

      1. Judith Iscariot 3 Apr 2013, 2:36am

        Hey, I said Kanye’s a dick. Jay-Z had no points in the negative, and now he’s got a few in the positive. Give *me* some credit.

  2. It’s crazy that it’s an issue at all. But then, religion – the biggest setback faced by the LGBT community – is traditional by definition – it has no bearings on what constitutes a moral or civilised society, nor has it ever done. To deny it as the largest contributing issue is to be blinded by political correctness. Traditionalist, primitive garbage like faith will always hold back civil rights.

    1. The irony being that [c]rappers are hardly known as particularly religious types, though certainly it often appears to play a part in their upbringing.

      1. That’s often the case, frustratingly. Many bigots don’t have a clue what the books of the Bible/Koran/etc actually are (or they conveniently forget their teachings on child abuse, slavery, rape, etc), but they’re able to quote the homophobic lines that they’ve been raised and immersed in which have been cultivated from it and which are constantly reinforced at the highest levels by the likes of Ratzinger and Bergoglio.

        The problem is that priests need to sell a product in order to offer themselves as the cure and salvation. Unfortunately for us, the product is sin – and we’re simply the easy targets of its “affliction”.

        1. I worded that badly. The product is salvation; sin is the imaginary disease that it cures.

  3. Thanks A$AP Rocky for your mature comments. If the perception is that hip hop artists are small minded and stupid, who should we blame for that, I wonder?

  4. He’s right. And kinda cute.

  5. That_Matt is exactly correct. It is RELIGION which makes being gay an issue. Homophobia, like xenophobia, is learned. If religions stopped demonising homosexuality, homophobic bullying would end. It there wasn’t religious anti-gay rhetoric, what would be the source? And, at the risk of being labelled a ‘racist’, black culture has embraced homophobia more than most – probably because formely persecuted minorities have an unhealthy habit of turning their anger onto OTHER minorities.

    1. I’d love to believe that if you rid the world of organised religion homophobia would just disappear but I fear that humans, being pack animals, will always have a tendency to pick on outsiders or what is perceived as weak.

      As for minorities picking on other minorities, isn’t it said that most bullies are people who’ve been bullied themselves?

    2. I have to disagree, if religion were to vanish homophobia would still be around because people would still believe it’s not “natural” or “normal” simply because it’s quite rare and they aren’t educated on it by their schools or parents. They don’t know it happens in the animal kingdom. They don’t believe it’s a choice. They are ignorant, but only because nobody taught them better.

      Education is the key.

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