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EU eases restrictions on Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s government

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Reader comments

  1. “Among the measures in the new constitution is a two-term limit for the president. However, it will not apply retroactively, so Mugabe could still theoretically rule for the next decade.”

    What kind of dictator willingly signs away his own authority like this?
    I’m taking bets on Mugabe dying within the next decade.

    1. I hope that dog would die today. What a disgusting human.

      1. @Ra: You want somebody dead because you don’t like their views on gay people.

        Is that intentionally ironic?

        1. what a stupid assertion, replace mugabe with hitler and gays with jews and then ask them if their position was intentionally ironic.

    2. With any luck, he will die now. He has caused the deaths of many people and animals in Zimbabwe. It is not shameful therefore, that anyone wishes for his death.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how these ‘devout’ individuals will do ANYTHING to avoid going to meet their maker. This avoidance of death includes medical intervention, which is a bit rich considering how they always claim that being gay ‘isn’t natural’. I think you’ll find pace-makers are not exactly god-given. So, Mr Ratzinger, was it totally hypocritical to have had one fitted … or should you have just given in to ‘god’s will’ and avoided messing with the ‘unnatural’? Yet more hypocricy from an anti-gay outfit riddled with gay priests.

  3. Liam the God 25 Mar 2013, 10:18pm

    “Mugabe, 89, a Catholic, is subject to an EU travel ban, but Italy – where the ban does not apply – allowed the notorious anti-gay leader to visit the Vatican as a guest of the new Pope, earlier this month.”. I could have SWORN that Italy was part of the EU!

  4. Mugabe’s regime has not only been oppressive to gay people. I remember when (about 10 years ago) his followers chased white farmers off their lands then set upon the farm animals, beating them to death with sticks. He also made many black families homeless. I dread to think how gay people are treated in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a ruthless tyrant. It is disgusting, but not surprising, that the EU wishes to relax its opposition to his regime.

  5. Why the hell was this evil lunatic allowed into Italy. What is it about an EU wide ban that the Italians don’t understand. He should not have been allowed into any EU country.

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