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US folk singer Michelle Shocked announces talk on ‘gay-bashing’, but not welcome at proposed venue

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Reader comments

  1. Some of his followers, to whom you gave a very generous voice and podium. Get real, you bitter cow.

  2. Anyone who has listened to the online recording of her vitriolic rant will know that there’s no way she was misrepresented !

    1. If you want to hear her actual words for yourself, you can simply access it via soundcloud. I’ve listened to it many times. It sickens me. Even worse are her pathetic attempts to try to change history. Get real you dumb saddo, the recording doesn’t lie, you do! You’re screwed dear, career or what was left of it down the toilet with the rest of the crap!

      1. “I’ve listened to it many times. It sickens me.” Er, so why keep listening to it?

        1. Because I was transcribing it to ensure people are educated to what she ACTUALLY said rather than what has been reported / assumed she said!

  3. It should be obvious to anyone who investigates that Michelle Schocked has serious mental health issues. I actually feel sorry for her. I hope she gets herself sorted out soon.

    1. I didn’t know “fundamentalist christianity” was now recognized as a psychological illness by the medical review board?

      1. The thing is that the born again Christianity cults target the emotionally vulnerable and basically anyone going through a mid-life crisis. However, Michelle’s problems are probably more acute than that, and your flippancy about mental health issues doesn’t reflect wel lon you..

        1. I agree with you Clivejw, I think she has some serious mental health issues – but it’s worrying that the people around her: family, friends, management, etc. haven’t taken her in hand and got her some help. Or at least helped to sort out the mess that she’s created for herself by getting her to shut up and stop making things worse. It makes me think that she hasn’t got anyone around her who cares. Which makes me feel even more sorry for her.

          1. Finn, Michelle DOES have some wonderful people around her at this time. I know this. I hope that people will be patient and understanding at a time which is clearly very difficult on many levels.

          2. When I was in my teens I had a friend who was an evangelical born again Christian. He seemed okay and so did his family who seemed very friendly and normal. But I found them working very hard to turn me and my mates into born agains, using very nasty tactics, making us fearful of everything – every thought could be the devil and you had to watch every step you made, every choice – to make sure it was the right one – ie what the church would agree on. Now I’m older the whole thing seems ridiculous and I wonder at my own stupidity – but when you’re young and/ or vulnerable it’s like poison dripping through you. Someone needs to get this woman some help. She needs to get away from these people and into proper medical therapy.

      2. Believing in things that patently obviously don’t exist? Give it time.

        In years to come people will be astonished that people could say and do the things they do in the name of religion today and still be deemed sane.

    2. Stop conflating mental health problems with acts of bigotry – the two are not bloody synonymous.

  4. Lion in Winter 25 Mar 2013, 2:00am

    Michelle obviously wasn’t paying attention to Donna Summer in the ’80’s, and Donna’s case was NOT recorded – it was rumour.

    1. Actually Donna Summer had more than one incident, most documented by observers. But a copy of her live interview with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club should be somewhere. As an avid fan of her music, it pissed me off so much, I immediately went into my bedroom & threw all her records in the trash.

  5. I am glad that a venue which bears my surname has said she is not welcome there.

    Good on them.

  6. So she got outted as a raving bigot, frantically tried to take back her words as her career got a bloody nose and it’s not working.

    Fair to predict that her next move will be to tack back to bigot again and whine at how all the gay folks are so mean to her?

  7. Born again – what utter bollox – Fact; you get born once – end of – everything else is self loathing or brain washing and a puerile belief that you can get through life hiding behind an out dated irrelevant superstition. What a sad Biatch

  8. Michell is extremely talented and creative. Anyone who’s been following her career back to her marriage/divorce from Bart and before will know that she is NOT the most centered person. It didn’t surprise me when she became interested in gospel and got sucked whole hog into the pentacostal side of it. I know that her talent is still in there somewhere. I believe she needs therapy and a change of friends/management/advisors/

  9. That There Other David 25 Mar 2013, 10:52pm

    She’s coming across as unwell AFAIC. Not 100% there. The best thing for her would be to check herself in somewhere for a while, and not some quack-run “Christian spiritual retreat”.

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