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France: Scuffles with police ensue as 300,000 march against marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. If only all this ‘loving christian’ effort was put into preventing poverty in the Third World …..

  2. I think it’s the first time in my life I don’t feel proud to be french. I don’t know where we are going, I am afraid for the future with these conservative persons.

    1. de Villers 25 Mar 2013, 1:11am

      Je suis Français. Je suis fière d’être Français. Il ne faut pas être triste.

      Did you want to be less French when Le Pen crawled through to the second round of the Présidentielle against Chirac? That was shameful for France but the Left supporting Chirac made me proud to be French – as I would have wanted the Right to support Jospin if it were in reverse.

      I do not care about the protestors – I refuse to let them make me feel upset or to make me feel less French. I am as French as I am gay. Americans can be unAmerican. You can never be unFrench. To be French is a fact. If all the gay Frenches feel less French then we abdicate France to l’extrême droite.

      Aux armes.

  3. Mike Dalgarno 24 Mar 2013, 8:56pm

    “We want work not gay marriage,”

    Erm…hasn’t it been documented that gay marriage has helped the economy.

    So more going into the economy, then possible new jobs.

  4. If they want work, not gay marriage – why don’t they march for work – instead of marching against equality?

    The USA should send the statue of liberty back to them.

  5. Disgraceful! That is the only word I can think of

  6. Christopher 24 Mar 2013, 9:34pm

    Some people say it was more than a million at one point.

    1. That There Other David 24 Mar 2013, 9:57pm

      Those people would be inflating the figures then….

  7. GulliverUK 24 Mar 2013, 9:51pm

    BREAKING NEWS: 65,136,552 people did not take to the streets and did not protest marriage equality in France.

    I think that settles it.


  8. what a bunch of riffraff!

  9. The protest in France was undoubtedly attended mostly by Catholics. Did they protest about their church being overrun by paedophiles? When it was uncovered that the Catholic Church had been a recruitment organisation and hiding place for paedophiles, did these people protest then? NO! They continued to be members of a club that molests their children. They obviously don’t mind paedophiles, but would be disgusted if gay couples were their neighbours. Our consciences are clear – we aren’t doing anything wrong. That’s more than what can be said about their consciences (if they have any, which is very questionable).

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Mar 2013, 12:14pm

      I agree. I find it ironic that there isn’t any demand to take to the streets against the Catholic cult, not in the UK, not in France, anywhere for that matter. Too bloody politically incorrect I suppose while the roman cult sponsors hate rallies by default with impunity. Imagine, spreading hate on Palm Sunday, what does that say about the catholic or even the anglican cult?

  10. So was this march to do with jobs or same sex marriage?

    You know they’re losing it when they start chanting lines like “We want the president to deal with the economy and leave the family alone,”

    The previous UMP party trashed the French economy and refused to accept that LGBT families existed.

  11. I love France. I like the French with their haughty attitudes and fine living. However, we know that, politically, the French do have a murky side. But they are pretty civilised compared with lots of other countries. This is just a little light conservatism whipped up by the evil Roman cult. It will go away.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Mar 2013, 11:56am

      They don’t all enjoy fine living, they don’t all happen to be gourmet chefs either. Having lived there for five months, I will say I didn’t encounter haughty attitudes, I wasn’t living in Paris but in Lyon, and that fine living you speak of wasn’t that diffuse considering Lyon is the culinary centre of France.

  12. Jock S. Trap 25 Mar 2013, 12:09pm

    Fact… The French public voted for a President knowing marriage equality was part of the deal.

    Now they want to whinge about it.

    Too late. The majority of people voted Hollande in and for his policies. Get over it!

    This is a minority yet again going against the majority of what people really think.

    Religion equates love? What absolute bollocks!! Hear we see what religion is really about… Hate!

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Mar 2013, 1:43pm

    They’re now preparing for the next demo after it’s voted on in the senate. Who is funding this I wonder? All of the pink and blue paraphernalia they’re using must have cost quite a bit.

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