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US: Mississippi school under fire for alleged bullying of LGBT students by staff

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  1. Brett Gibson 23 Mar 2013, 12:34pm

    After watching the film ‘Bully’ a couple of days ago which was released last year in America about the widespread problem of bullying in US schools. One of the parents on their lost their kid because he hung himself. It seems to be worse in the more religious states, it seems religion and social exlusion go hand in hand. One of the kids was a lesbian from Oklahoma (puke) and apparently her teachers taught a whole class on how God hates gay people and they go to hell and get burned; the whole class and teacher laughing their arses off. It’s disgusting behaviour by people who think their on the ‘right path’. What kind of pathetic adults bully kids in their own school? American school systems are a mess.

    1. Brett Gibson 23 Mar 2013, 12:35pm

      *there *they’re – haven’t had my morning coffee :S

      1. should have corrected “hanged himself” too

        (just teasing… though it IS “hanged”)

  2. Ugh! My home state NEVER fails to find new and better ways to make me ashamed of my heritage and my people.

    At least my home town of Oxford, Mississippi is stepping up to the plate and having a pro-marriage equality rally on March 26th, the day that the Supreme Court starts hearing arguments against DOMA and Prop 8. A little ray of hope shining from a state that all too often seems hopeless!

  3. There were homophobic teachers when I was at school in the ’80s. I’m saddened reading this article as it shows the continuing abuse of children from the teachers as well as from other children.

    I was spat on in class for being gay, yet the teacher punished me rather than those who were spitting on me. In another class I was subjected to “AIDS victim” taunts but the teacher made jokes about it instead of telling the pupils to stop. I was beaten by another teacher because I was considered disruptive by hiding behind furniture due to having objects thrown at me by homophobic schoolchildren.

    The experience of school had a particularly bad and long-lasting effect on my health. It makes me angry that there continues to be teachers who participate in what is child abuse. It is an issue that is ignored by the education establishment.

    1. James, that’s very sad reading about your experiences.When I was in school (’71-’84) nobody knew I was gay as I was “straight acting” (stupid bloody phrase) but if any teacher had tried to humiliate me my father would have been down the school threatening to punch their lights out, he was very protective of his only son

  4. Disgraceful. They should be ordered to take drastic remedial action or have the management dismissed. But I suppose that’s too much to expect of Mississipi.

  5. Remind me, where is Kentcky? Somewhere in the Middle East or Asia Minor, by the sound of it.

    Have Americans brought these values back with them from their adventures in Afganistan and the like? Are these the values the American people proudly evangelise about to the rest of the world? Shame on them all for not rooting these things out in their own backyard!

    1. Sorry, of course I meant Mississippi.

      Not that things are much different there

      1. As it turns out, the Governer of Kentucky may disagree with you…

        1. Have you been there?

        2. Yes, good on him. Really lucky he’s there stop a very nasty law being voted in.

          Although, having said that, his reason for vetoing is not the principle, but the unintended consequences, primarily lengthy and costly legal battles against minorities such as ourselves.

          1. John M. Joyce 24 Mar 2013, 3:41am

            against ‘us’, actually.

          2. Great contribution there, John! Feeling better?

  6. It’s not only US schools that this is happening in, though. I’m trans, and I grew up being referred to as a ‘pxxf’ and derided for being ‘effeminate’ by certain of the male teachers at my school, as well as by the other students and sometimes even their parents, way back in primary school before I even knew what the words meant!

    1. Yes Katie, it’s not just the US where this happens. My experience, as described further up the page, occurred in the UK and like you, it started in primary school. Female as well as male teachers were involved. I actually believe that the teachers thought it was right that I was ‘punished’ for being considered ‘effeminate’. My parents said I had to “learn to stand up for myself”, so I now believe that there is a general acceptance amongst heterosexuals that children showing any sign of ‘gayness’ should be shown that it is at least ‘undesirable’ to them. It’s an indication that homophobia runs much deeper in society than many of us realise or heterosexuals in general would admit to. Laws are now in place to protect adult gay people, but there are no laws that I’m aware of to protect children from homophobic abuse.

  7. A signal is sent out every time someone ‘religious’ uses the bible to justify their own bigotry … being “it’s OK to bully and persecute someone on the gounds of their sexuality”. If there was no religious anti-gay sentiment … where WOULD it come from? Therefore, I hold religion fully and exclusively responsible for every death, every suicide, every unhappy life of an LGBT person. It is a DISGARCE that we allow ‘a belief’ to demand the kind of deference we give it. They have had it their own way for 2,000 years. It’s time we fought back. LOUDLY

  8. thelostdot 23 Mar 2013, 4:59pm

    Seems basic 5th amendment to me “abuse of power by govt. officials” (school). or are they Godies first, before they’re Americans, in which case “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” or “judge not ye lest ye be judged”. Either way seems straight to hell for the teachers to me, so what’s their problem?

  9. The SPLC is one of the most fantastic organisations around, and I like that they’ve had no hesitation in classifying the anti-gay campaign groups in the States alongside racist hate groups.

    I remember reading about how they get so many death and bomb threats against them from far-right groups that they have airport-like security in their building.

    1. John M. Joyce 24 Mar 2013, 3:49am

      I partly disagree. The SPLC is a highly secretive organisation with vast wealth that acts just like a hate group on occassions. It’s extremely left wing to the point of stupidity when it comes to anything that it sees as political. Whatever you do, don’t get on the wrong side of the SPLC and most certainly don’t ask it where its money comes from because that’s a question that it is not prepared to answer. If you push too hard for an answer it will threaten you with incredibly expensive legal actions – and some of its supporters will threaten you with much worse than that!

      1. ColinJones 24 Mar 2013, 7:35am

        So f*cking what!! They support the right causes and that’s all I care about, I couldn’t care less where their money comes from!

  10. “when she tried to report this to the school’s principal, she says she was told: “I don’t want a dyke in this school.”

    This principal needs to get sacked along with the homophobic bully of a teacher. They are a danger to all the LGBT kids in this school.

  11. These teachers are disgusting scum….I know only too well how it is to be bullied by the teachers in your school, this behaviour only gives permission to the classmates and the rest of the school kids to follow suit. To this day I get angry thinking about it whenever the subject crops up in the media or conversation with friends. I hope something bad happens to these bullying f#><ks

  12. Mike Kavey 24 Mar 2013, 2:30am

    The district’s response to this crisis ended up drawing attention to gaps in the district’s anti-harassment policies. See here:

  13. Hey most teachers are ok but but so many of them are bullies geeks who themselves were bullied at school, can only pick on people smaller than themselves because they’re cowards at heart

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