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US radio host: ‘Mitt Romney could have won more votes if he had more anti-gay ads’

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Reader comments

  1. Deluded much?

    And I have no doubt that if MLK were alive today, he would probably be just as disgusted at the lack of LGBT equality in the US

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2013, 4:46pm

      The religious nutter queen of delusion indeed. That photo doesn’t do him justice, he’s far uglier than that. N. Carolina has long been a bastion of homophobia and red-neck republican bigots, so nothing new there.

  2. No – he won in North Carolina because it’s full of religiously-brainwashed morons -like YOU!

  3. Dumbass.

  4. Jamie Caffiera 22 Mar 2013, 5:33pm

    As much as I dislike his statement it is sadly true.

  5. Brett Gibson 22 Mar 2013, 5:46pm

    No I think you’ll find he didn’t get more votes BECAUSE of his anti-gay stance. Tit.

  6. “More anti-gay ads”
    Right, because people weren’t already aware of Romney’s homophobic views. He needed to state them a little more clearly.
    And so, those people who would have otherwise voted for Romney, had he made more anti-gay ads, voted for who instead? Obama? Right, because that makes a lot of sense

  7. That There Other David 22 Mar 2013, 7:59pm

    I’m glad the Republicans think that. It’ll be another thing that contributes to them being increasingly out of office in state after state.

  8. I agree 100%!!!!

    At the next election, the Republican party should put ALL of its political eggs into “anti-gay” campaigning!

    This way they are sure *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, ya-know-what-I-mean* to win HUGE numbers and take back the White House.

  9. Anne Theism 23 Mar 2013, 6:18am

    The republicans can feel free to adopt his strategy in the 2016 election. When it falls flat and they lose by a wider margin, it will send a powerful message to this moron.

  10. Considering it was an open fact during the last presidential election campaign that Mitt Romney launched a vicious sexually sadistic gang assault on a young gay teenager – and curiously has never faced criminal prosecution over it – I think that everyone was well aware of the extreme nature of his homophobia, misogyny, sexism and transphobia. This is just another pathetic attempt at an excuse by the Republicans to explain away their humiliating defeat. Sore losers, aren’t they?

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