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US: LGBT anti-discrimination law under review before introduction next month

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  1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2013, 5:46pm

    The Congress is apparently dominated by republicans so I don’t see much chance of it passing. Most republicans believe there are enough laws to protect gay people and they don’t need any more, unless of course Obama swiftly issues an executive order.

    1. REpublicans – supporting their deep south bible belt gay and black hating pals -lots of luck on this one.

      The tea party btw is just an ecnomic hate group of every social justice economic issue in the country

      They would leave our old folks to starve and die on the hospital steps so they can live higher on the hog.

      Long ago myparents taught me a song which I think is the repubs favorite

      it was about the king in his counting house counting all his money.

      While his serfs btw slaved in the fields and lived like animals. It was little different the death camps where that madman of germany had the more healthy ones worked to death on meager rations.

      the other part of the repub goals are that they know that poor people’s only hope is to pray. they see poverty as a way to drive church attendance of the right wing churches and further poison society

      the loss in church income is just an investment in the future

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