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UK: Man jailed for killing gay teenager by setting his genitals on fire at party

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Reader comments

  1. 3.5 years? Gay and disabled = worthless to that judge. You get more time for shoplifting.

    1. Remember it is possible to refer unduly lenient sentences to the court of Appeal for review. And the good thing is, that anyone can do this (so long as it is within 28 days of sentencing.).

      Further details here:

      The process (including telephone numbers etc) can be found here:

      Time for the Attorney General to get several hundred complaints about this sentence I feel.

      1. Referred it earlier today – disgusting sentence that in no way reflects the seriousness of the crime.

      2. Just rang and was told that it only takes 1 complaint for the case to be referred to the Attorney General so far they have had over 20…. the case has been referred and will be looked in to as being unfairly lenient.
        Watch this space…

    2. Google ‘Judge Roger Keen QC’ – he certainly doesn’t have a good reputation.

      1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 1:53pm

        How’s this for a good example of his attitude?
        an interesting read; a case study of a bad tempered, arrogant, prick!

        1. Redlandguy 22 Mar 2013, 4:57pm

          I read about his track record and it was not an inspiring one to say the least.

    3. you get more time for downloading music!

  2. Three and a half years is nothing. This was a vicious, hate-filled act of torture that resulted in the death of another human being.
    I hope the CPS is appealing against the leniency of the sentence.

    The kid wil be up for parole after one year and nine months. That’s no punishment at all when you have killed another human being. And it’s the equivalent of a slap on the wrists when you read the horrific details of the case.

    1. I’m not saying that the sentence wasn’t too short, but justice isn’t supposed to be about pure punishment. He didn’t intend to kill anyone. I suspect he isn’t going to be a danger to anyone ever again after the horror of accidentally killing a person and being imprisoned, carrying a record like that around forever afterwards. Aside from retribution, what’s the point in locking him up for longer? Ruining a life needlessly doesn’t make up for the loss of another.

      1. Your son or you would you feel the same way….how does the young mans family feel.. O h soory didnt meant to do it, You do crime you pay a price.

        1. He is paying a price. His life is effectively ruined, however long he stays in prison. I don’t see why that isn’t enough.

          1. Sven you troll I hope you burn in hell

          2. James! – It’s ok I’m going there anyway if the Christians are right. But I’m serious. There has to be more to a justice system than revenge and righteous indignation.

          3. Mister Fister 29 Mar 2013, 2:30am

            @ sven, can you comprehend how infinitely misguided you are?

            @ James! – you disgust me.

      2. He set a person on fire, and killed him. I don’t think a slap on the wrist is going to do it.

      3. He was young and stupid, at a party surrounded by peers and most likely drunk. That sort of environment makes people act very stupidly, and then panic when things go wrong. He didn’t think. He’s been convicted of killing someone without meaning to. You can’t demand a sentence befitting of an intentional murder when it wasn’t intentional. That’s the whole point of a legal system.

        1. You’re wasting your time on here Sven trying to be reasonable.

          There isn’t much considered thought going on.

          This is the gay Daily Mail, hang em and flog em brigade. And the irony is they can’t see it.

          Read a headline. Don’t read the trial transcript. Lock em up and throw away the key.

        2. You really need to get out more ! Don’t you read what goes on and the sentences that are dished out ? Yes, of course, most of them were drunk but were they SO drunk that they would not help put out a burning boy ? Or at least get some water to douse the flames ? A coat to smother the flames ? Most people do silly things but to ACTUALLY SET SOMEONE ON FIRE – AND TO RUN AWAY!! Come off it, that was MURDER. Bet you would think differently if it were your brother or son that was murdered ??? The murderer should be treated in exactly the manner he deserves and a slap on the wrist is NOT the right way ! There are too many people who have been let off lightly only to return to normal life and commit again and again. We need a proper, fair, just legal system. Stop putting your head in the sand and get real. There is no just legal system in this country as there is one rule for one and one rule for the rest of us. It is the victims who suffer in this country !

  3. Three and a half years? That judge deserves to be flogged! Utterly shamefully low sentence!

    1. What a disgraceful so-called “judge” – he would not have been so lenient if it were his son !!

  4. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2013, 11:05am

    3.5 years? Seriously? Out is about 18 months?

    What kind of message is that sending out? Hardly a deterrent is it.

    Absolutely disgusting!

    1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 11:14am

      the REAL deterrent is the risk of arrest! Sentencing is no threat if you don’t get caught, but when this sh!t happens you do wonder if there’s any point in either….

    2. Appalling

      Sheard himself knows the punishment is far too lenient, and may decide to punish himself more severely, not that I wish him any harm, poor little lamb.

      1. Did you just call the brutal murderer a “poor little lamb?”

        1. … sigh…

  5. Well Diane Abbott, why don’t you ask the Attorney General to look at the sentence if you (like all of us here) think this is ‘shockingly low’. Just a thought….

    1. No need to wait for Diane Abbott to do this.

      Anyone can ask the AG to look at a sentence for review and submit it to the Court of Appeal.

  6. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 11:12am

    The fact the defendant tried to blame the victim shows that it was not an accident. This scumbag should be flayed alive, just so he gets a vague idea of the pain he inflicted on another! This is an INSULT to all those killed and injured by Homophobes and bigots! I hope he gets raped every day he’s in jail; THAT would be poetic justice!

    1. I totally agree with you. What an absolute PIECE OF SLIME. What about all the others who were goading him on…. saying “light it, light it” and then running away ? What ABSOLUTE VILE, FILTHY, PIECES OF SCUM they are. The poor kid was celebrating his 18th birthday party and was the centre of attention (totally unaware, probably, what those shits had written on him). Then this piece of filth pours oil over him and sets light to his genitals…..and runs off like the filthy, inhuman piece of trash he is. The others as well. As you say, hope the bastard gets raped and raped in the most vile manner every day ! May he and those other pieces of garbage all ROT IN HELL and have vile, miserable lives. They all deserve it !!! He had a lynch-mob at his party and this Jordan Sheard carried out the most VILE, ROTTEN, MURDER imaginable. Yet the psycho judge only gave him 3yrs 6mths ! How sick !!

  7. “It was the result of a criminally stupid prank that went wrong in a bad way.”

    Yeah… we do that all the time in Australia, though sometimes it does go wrong… in a bad way”

    Did that guy have sh!t for brains (Jordan Sheard) or what? What moron would pour a flammable liquid over someone and set them a light? It wasn’t a prank… it was a vicious attack!

    Let’s hope that, Jordan Sheard finds friends in prison, with whom he can share his love of flammable liquids!

    I’m sure there would be many men at his prison who would be more than interested at seeing Jordan, strip to his boxer shorts!

    1. Ooooh yes – hope he receives the justice he deserves. The “judge” apparently has a bit of a reputation I hear. Hmmm, why do we have to have people like that as judges ? They are supposed to be respectable, dutiful, human beings and act properly and justly. However, I cannot see any of that in this lenient sentence. How can a judge be put out to grass,so to speak ? What sort of a person would describe the deliberate setting on fire of a teenager a “prank” ????? It is about time our so-called legal system was put right !!!!

  8. 3.5 years? What an absolute joke sentences are in this country.

    He should have got life with no possibility of parole for at least 35 years.

  9. The justice in the country sickens me sometimes. 3.5 years, is that it?

    The judge needs to be dis-barred1

  10. This sentence is a joke… I still think there must be some sort of mistake here…. he killed a person FFS!!! with so many aggravants on top.

  11. That There Other David 22 Mar 2013, 11:44am

    Ridiculously low sentence. Manslaughter motivated by a hate crime. Should have been 8-10.

  12. This is outrageous!!! I am fuming at how disgraceful this is! 3 and a half f__king years!!! That judge should be removed! The poor man, who suffered bullying and suffered for his disability and sexuality and this is his justice? Extremely shameful!

  13. I went cold when I read that. Horrible.

    What an utterly appalling sentence.

    A prank? What a fcuking half-witted, brain dead excuse. And for the judge to accept it as ‘prank gone wrong’ – words fail me. What on earth is he doing in a position like that?!

    1. Judge ? Hmmm – should be dis-barred. The problem is that life in prison nowadays is sometimes better than for hard-working people on the outside who have to worry about jobs, paying bills, etc etc when in jail they have a roof over their heads, are fed, have tv’s, even computers no doubt, and do not have to worry about a thing. Jails should be made tougher – and tougher ! Let the punishment fit the crime !! This piece of garbage who murdered Steven will probably be out in about 18 months and will know full well that he can,literally, get away with murder !

  14. One of Mr Sheard’s friends apparently claimed “He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

    Maybe he wouldn’t. He did kill a human being.

    People wonder why we have a bullying epidemic. But when a judge can describe it as “horseplay” when a group of youths insult, humiliate and finally cause the agonising death of an 18-year old with Asperger’s and a speech impediment, we can see why.

    “Horseplay” happens between equals.

    This was bullying, bullying of a young man without much social confidence, and it led to his death.

    It’s about time that bullying was considered by the law to be an aggravating factor in assault and murder.

    But currently the reluctance of many bullying victims to defend themselves (the result of extended psychological abuse) is all too often used by their attackers to claim their hideous actions were part of a “joke gone wrong”.

    1. Is the shocking apparent leniency of the sentence due to the fact that the perpetrator admitted manslaughter?

      1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 3:26pm

        He only admitted it AFTER he claimed the victim had set himself on fire! That should have attracted a heavier sentence if nothing else!

    2. Maybe he was paid to say that ! Sheard told the court that he “ONLY” wanted to disfigure Steven ! What sort of piece of filth pours oil over someone and then sets light to his genitals …… deliberately !!! Sub-human garbage, that’s who ! May this piece of filth live a very, very, unhappy life. Wonder what he is going to tell his one-day wife and his kids (if he ever has any) ? Bet the story gets played down something radically by then. He deserves every horror and every piece of hate which comes his way.

  15. It is possible to refer unduly lenient sentences to the court of Appeal for review. And the good thing is, that anyone can do this (so long as it is within 28 days of sentencing.).

    Further details here:

    The process (including telephone numbers etc) can be found here:

    Time for the Attorney General to get several hundred complaints about this sentence I feel.

    1. I just did. Hope it will be reviewed and sent to the Court of Appeal.

  16. It is my sincere hope that one day, the people of this country will see sense and demand capital punishment. The little piece of worthless scum who did this deserves nothing less than death; the horrific death he inflicted on another innocent.

    1. Capital punishment is unacceptable.

      Mistakes do get made – I am sure the Birmingham 6 would have been executed if Britain had capital punishment in the 1970’s.

    2. I am glad you are so convinced about that. It would be tragic to hang someone who had been fitted up or whose face didn’t fit.

      Oh yes, that used to happen to kids with Aspergers when we had the death penalty.

      “Let him have it” was a famous example. try pleading your innocence when a baying mob is shouting for blood. The good old days.

    3. This is ridiculous – aside from the sheer injustice and evil of the death penalty, the courts already refuse to give decent sentences to those killing gay people – this is hardly the first ultra-lenient sentence we’ve seen. So what makes you think that they’d ever EVER execute a straight person for killing one of us?

  17. Why a photo of the killer not the victim, Pink News?

    1. So we can all find this shit head when he gets out and set his tiny prick on fire

      1. What a disgusting comment,

        An ‘eye for an eye’ is an abhorrent biblical principle

    2. He;ll be out soon, and we all need to know who to avoid. Because the courts sure wont do anything worthwhilw to stop the guy.

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2013, 12:45pm

    An appalling sentence! If this had been a racial killing or one in which animus towards someone who is religious and heterosexual resulting in death, there would be uproar and the perpetrator given a life sentence. Gay lives don’t matter, aren’t worth much it seems in the eyes of the law. This is what happens when we’re still regarded as second class citizens, unequal and treated with disdain because we are significantly less than the majority in an hetero-normative society.

    1. I think his disability which you ignored also plays a part. Disabled people are usually seen as asexual.

  19. Michael Roberts 22 Mar 2013, 12:50pm

    The Judge should be ashamed of him self. The judge should remove himself from the bench.

    1. Some people feel no shame – as in the case of this so-called “judge”, who seems to have a bit of a reputation ………bad judge ! I am incensed about this HORRIFIC crime and TOTALLY UNJUST SENTENCE. This piece of garbage should have been given at least 10 years hard labour. Bring back capital punishment ! There would be a lot less crime and it works wonders in countries where they do have capital punishment.

  20. Eric Crossley 22 Mar 2013, 12:52pm

    3 1/2 years for cold-blooded and horrific murder? Simply beyond belief…disgusting!

    1. I think you must have mis-read the article. It was manslaughter.

      1. Vote me down if you like but a court decided it was manslaughter, not murder. That’s why we have two different words. They are different things. That is why we have different sentences.

        You got 10 vote ups for a factually inaccurate post.

        Says it all.

        1. “Manslaughter” ….pah ! The murderer gate-crashed to the party, covered Steven in oil and deliberately set fire to his genitals. He then ran off ! I don’t care what the Court called it, it was MURDER. Eric Crossley spoke correctly. In many people’s opinions there is no such thing as “manslaughter”. It is either an accident or murder and this was MURDER! There must have been some real dim-wits on that jury.

  21. Steven GIBSON 22 Mar 2013, 12:56pm

    3 & 1/2 years for manslaughter, this is outrageous, you get more for stealing a car.
    Like in Australia, the justice doesnt fit the crime.
    In my opinion, this man should have the same done to him, extinguished and left in pain, with out any pain management, and then reignited and left to die.

    1. Oh for goodness sake, get a grip.

      You’re promoting vigilantism.

      If you are not happy with the sentence ask the Attorney General to review the sentence (you are able to do this you know).

      1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 1:30pm

        It’s this kind of sentencing for violent crime that drives the rise of Vigilantism.

        1. And people who engage in vigilantism as as bad as people who commit the original crimes.

          Vigilantism is despicable and the mark of a primitive person

          1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 11:03pm

            … Or, perhaps, of a system that has failed and/or doesn’t care. This is a discussion for another time and place; not here and now. I won’t vote you down for your view.

  22. I hope this bastard is tortured in prison. 3.5 years is a joke.

    1. Wishing for someone to be tortured is an utterly despicable response.

      If you are not happy with the leniency of the sentence ask the AG to review it – details on how to do this are above.

  23. Niamh Roycroft 22 Mar 2013, 1:02pm

    Not only is 3.5 years a joke its sickening. The victim was not only openly gay but had a condition that made it impossible for him to understand correct actions in social situations. Aspergers would have made the coercion of the young man easy and the defendant KNEW that. I’m the aunt of a young boy with Autism and if asked to do something he will just say ok….the victim probably did the same! Its sickening and I hope…nay I pray…that the defendant finds a “friend” in prison who has the same thoughts as we the people and he finally understands what he has really done.

    1. Your honor what if it was you son 3.5 years, serioudly you can look at yoursefl in the mirror when you shave. You AND Mr. Sheard are cowards and bully’s. By not eve looking like you gave and appropriate sentence you make me sick. I was a law enforcement officer for 26 years int the states. Hang up the robes try to look for work in real estate, although I’d never trust you.

  24. I knew before I even read this that it would only be a couple of years give or take and they’d get off with a manslaughter charge. Never let it be said that the police or CPS give a sh*t about hate crimes.

  25. mo williams 22 Mar 2013, 1:40pm

    That sentence is a mockery to that young teens family they should appeal against such a laughable sentence. Is that all his life amounts to, The low life not only humiliated him, he dosed him in flammable liquid and set him alight, then ran away, then to add further insult he blamed the victim. The Judge should retire if he cannot punish the perpetrator to fit the crime. Shame on you Judge for letting the young boy and his family down.

  26. I have emailed the Attorney General in regards to this horrific crime and unbelievable sentencing. Please do the same – just copy and paste the below and add your name and address. Send to

    Dear Attorney General,

    I am writing to ask you to refer the sentencing of this case to the Court of Appeal due to undue leniency.

    Sentenced: Jordan Sheard

    Victim: Steven Simpson

    Crime: Set fire to victim intentionally and he died of his horrific injuries, Steven suffered from Aspergers.

    Sentence 3.5 years.

    Sheffield Crown Court

    Sentence date: (Approx.) 15/03/2013


    1. PantoHorse 22 Mar 2013, 2:09pm

      Suggest using this subject line:

      Unduly lenient sentence: Jordan Sheard

      1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 2:10pm

        Odd: That’s what I did.

        1. PantoHorse 22 Mar 2013, 5:06pm

          Not that odd :)

          I just thought it would help for them to be easily identifiable if they had the same subject line

    2. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 2:09pm


    3. Let him know that the links to the undue leniency templates and information on the CPS website are broken as well.

    4. Done, and also the information re taking this action has been shared on my modest FB account.

    5. Rose Roberts 22 Mar 2013, 6:48pm

      Done. Thank you for guiding us in being able to having our voice in the very sad case of Steven Simpson.

    6. Rose Roberts 22 Mar 2013, 6:57pm

      Done. Thank you for guiding me on a way I can have my voice and opinion heard. I hope it works in having justice for Steven.

    7. DONE!! THANKS for making this so easy to do….no excuse! PLEASE someone start a FaceBook campaign! (I don’t know how!!)….. SG

  27. Like everyone commenting, I can not believe that such an act has attracted a punishment of three and a half years. It would be a joke if it wasn’t so disgraceful. Jordan Shread committed a vile crime and is treated with leniency.
    Shread bullied and abused Steven Simpson, a young man ill equipped to defend himself. Surely as an act of torture alone he deserved a longer sentence. The result of that torture was the tragic death of Simpson and this seems to have been overlooked if the length of the sentence is anything to go by. There is no way that Shread would not have known that such action would lead to, at best, serious injury.
    Judge Roger Keen should be reprimanded for this pitiful sentence and the incalculable distress this must be causing the family of Steven Simpson. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is life imprisonment and in context shows just how lenient Keen has been. I hope those able will demand that the sentence be investigated as being inexcusably lenient.

  28. Young people are thick and daft, because of their youth.
    They do stupid and thoughtless things without thinking of the consequences.
    The young man in prison has ruined his life and the man he helped kill cannot have his back.
    Keeping him in prison will not serve any kind of justice. It will only introduce an already daft young man into into a world of criminality he could possibly not even imagine.

    1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 2:44pm

      The age of Criminal Responsibility in the UK is 10: This guy was in his twenties. If you don’t know the difference between right and wrong by age 20 you are NOT safe to be on the streets unsupervised!

    2. He ran away from his victim rather than seek to try and save his life. He then lied to the court to blame Steven. I can accept “tragic prank” but his subsequent actions are deeply criminal and reveal far more about this young man than anything his defence could offer in court.

    3. Paul ; the offender was neither “thick”, nor “daft” , if you don’t understand the onsequences of pouring a flammable liquid on skin then setting it alight then try it on yourself. Then have a look at what’s called the ” rule of nines” in which burns victims injuries are calculated ; the groin and genitalia constitute 1% no matter how how well you think you’re hung. He had 60 % burns. Go figure how much that is. They ran away and left him alight . If you saw someone alight what would you do- run away ?

  29. Itchycoo Mark 22 Mar 2013, 3:07pm

    and we think we have won the battle for equality because we can register relationships??????

    this shows that YOUR life is worth a hellva lot less than your straight peers

    we are still worthless scum in the eyes of the law

    keep fighting guys

  30. This is disgusting, but ,from what i’ve seen of the judges in the uk,who are completely out of touch with reality ,i’m not surprised. This pathetic sentence sends out a message that Hate crime murder is ok . The judge should be charged.

  31. But surely, this is exactly the sort of action the christian taliban would have us ALL subjected to? Every time a religious person makes an anti-gay statement, it legitimises homophobia in the mind of the mindless. We have GOT to stop bigots from using religion as a licence to promote hatred.

    1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 4:36pm

      I would just ban religion. But that, it seems, makes me an authoritarian fascist. Oh, the irony that it’s religion that has propped up Authoritarian Fascists in the past……

  32. Not enough jail time for that

  33. Three and a half years is actually pretty typical for manslaughter in UK. Same was given to the guy who killed a friend of mine with a fence post back in ’89 and to the youths who beat and kicked a neighbour of mine causing him to have a heart attack and die in 2003

    1. PantoHorse 22 Mar 2013, 5:12pm

      It’s such a shame you know this through such terribly sad examples. I so wish the world were different sometimes.

  34. 3 and a half years. 3 and a half fecking years for killing someone by setting them on fire. Homophobic judge supporting homophobia. Disgusting. There’s something wrong with this country.

  35. I have just written to the Attorney general about this injustice. I would urge you all to too.

  36. Denis LeBlanc in Ottawa 22 Mar 2013, 8:04pm

    This sentence is outrageous. The sentencing judge should have considered the fact he was gay as a hate crime and sentenced to a minimum of 10 years if not longer. Judges need to be educated – such sentences are not acceptable to the community.

    1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 11:01pm

      Also disabled, don’t forget: A Disability Hate Crime! They’re on the rise too, thanks to this government’s continually slating disabled and sick people as “Idle Scroungers”. This is a DISABILITY hate crime, because they wouldn’t have done it to someone without Aspergers, and a GAY hate crime because of the abuse he was subjected to. The judge was and is a complete cvnt for not treating it as such, and the PCC and Police are at fault for not charging it as a Hate crime!

  37. oh hell no really someone sellin’ meth gets mor time then that ……

  38. Luanna M. Neal 22 Mar 2013, 10:08pm

    Another fine example that to too many in the world that we are a disposable people.

  39. This was a shocking murder, yet never got the media attention that it should have had. The sentence of 3.5 yrs was shockingly lenient and that also didn’t get the media attention it should have had. No doubt the judge’s and media’s homophobia played a part. The murder should have been treated as murder, not manslaughter, as he was set alight – so of course the murderer intended to kill, motivated by hatred of Jordan’s disability and sexuality. It is such a terrible and infuriating injustice.

  40. I know its just another comment to add to the list but I just had to write something.
    This young man, Steven, has been bullied throughout his life either for having asperger’s syndrome or for being gay, only to have his life ended by this vermin.
    “Prank”?!? How would setting someone’s bare skin on fire ever be a prank? And what does he get? 3.5 years!
    “Oh its okay, he’s gay and disabled, its not like its someone important or useful”
    I couldn’t not comment, this is disgusting!

    1. Yes, his sentence ought to have been working for 5 years with the disabled and 3 years probation. Jail is totally inappropriate. The events that lead to the death had nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with stupidity. The other Party goers, the Judge said ‘egged him on’ what penalty to they have? Are not the people encouraging someone to do something stupid just as culpable as the person who does it? This is a mindless tragedy made worse by this article and it’s inappropriate wording.

      In my opinion.

    2. I’m glad you did comment Matt. I share your disgust. Everyone knows that setting fire to someone will kill them. If setting fire to someone is a deliberate act as it was in this case, it is an act done with full knowledge of the consequences. Therefore, it is no accident (as Graeme has suggested below). It is murder. Graeme, in his comment below, claims that the writer and editor of this article are not “smart enough” – I think the judge’s intelligence needs to be questioned instead.

  41. Your article is grossly inappropriate. The Writer and Editor ought to be ashamed of yourselves, but I fear neither are smart enough! This mans sexuality had nothing to do with his death, but I believe his disabilities had a lot to do with it. This was an accident.

    1. marshlander 23 Mar 2013, 4:31pm

      In what world is squirting someone with a flammable agent and then setting them on fire with a lighter an accident?

    2. “This mans sexuality had nothing to do with his death”… Really, Graeme.

      Then why was Jordan Sheard seen taunting Steven who was gay and then scrawled obscene and homophobic insults on his bare stomach, face and forearm? Homophobia was clearly a factor in this crime.

      1. Liam the God 23 Mar 2013, 11:50pm

        This should be branded on everyone’s brain! This idiot is trying to get a response; ignore it!

  42. 3,5 years is much too short considering what he did.. But he knows that it’s long enough to get him more than 100 rapes.. amen!

    1. V.J.Vousden 23 Mar 2013, 6:19am

      I can’t really “like” that comment but by God, I think you’re right!

    2. I don’t know if your “amen” is meant to be ironic. If not, it is in the good tradition of the bible wanting even bigger crimes committed in the name of it’s god.

  43. V. J. Vousden 23 Mar 2013, 6:16am

    That’s one sick SOB! He got off way too lightly! Disbar that judge! Poor kid, what a horrid way to die. Some self-loathing in some capacity in the murderer, too, I suspect. When do we as a species start acting more mature?

  44. I cannot believe this moron only got 3.5 years. I really hope that they put him in with some ‘inmates’ that will bring some justice!!! He wants stringing up (preferably by HIS genitals).

  45. The judge deserves at least three and a half years in prison for this sentence.

    Someone should research this judge and report them.

    1. Liam the God 23 Mar 2013, 11:44pm

      He’s easy to find: He’s not been a very good boy in the past, and has even had one of his cases quashed because of his behaviour. The fact this fvcking idiot is still a judge shows how badly in need of root and branch reform the Judiciary is!

    2. Liam the God 23 Mar 2013, 11:53pm

      Here’s a previous example of Judge Keen’s arrogance.

  46. Shocking, disgusting sentence for a horrific crime.
    Why did Pink News left out the fact that Jordan Sheard was seen taunting Steven and then scrawled obscene and homophobic insults on his bare stomach, face and forearm? Homophobia was clearly a factor in this crime. A factor that was completely ignored by the incompetent judge Roger Keen.

  47. The judge is practically condoning the attack for giving such a pathetic sentence, and describing it as a “prank”. Totally shameful.

  48. Knightsofnhi 24 Mar 2013, 6:26am

    He deserves death… Why would society stand to share this precious space of their CHILDREN with this barbaric imbecile?

  49. Liam the God 25 Mar 2013, 10:30am

    I have received an Email from the DoJ confirming my complaint about this sentence. Now let’s see if anything is done about it!

  50. Great news,. The case has been referred back to the Crown Prosecution Service and details requested by the Attorney Generals Office. The sentence will be looked into to see if it is deemed as unduly lenient.
    Keep contacting the office, your MP, The Home Secretary and Prime Minister. With continued pressure and a public outcry we have a greater chance to get this injustice will be overturned.

    1. Liam the God 25 Mar 2013, 11:06am

      Where did you get this information? Is there a URL for it? Because if it IS that’s a good start!

    2. Please SOMEONE start a Facebook page or something….(I would but don’t know how!! But have sent MY complaint to the AG). No words are strong enough to cover the injustice of this…the sentence is the second horrific crime committed!! SG

  51. PLEASE someone start a Facebook campaign (I would but don’t know how!) to raise awareness of the TWO despicably horrific crimes that’s been committed – the second being the so called “sentence”….That judge needs to be released from (lack of) duties to society.

  52. Excuse me???? HE KILLED SOMEONE – 3.5 years is no where near long enough. That is just terrible and and justice has not been served for the victim or his family!

  53. Just sent my email. Thanks to the guy above for the template. Hope this is rectified.

  54. LauraTManJames 29 Mar 2013, 10:37pm

    Disgustingly low sentence for a sickening crime. IMHO he should have got murder, that’s what he did! But what gets me the most is how he was bullied about having disabilities. I mean fgs! Having Aspergers myself makes me all the more angry at the way he was treated. And this moronic bully (egged on by his mates who, in my opinion, should have also been sentenced) will have his whole life ahead of him when he leaves prison in less than 2 years time with good behaviour. A pathetic excuse for justice over the death of an innocent young lad who likely didn’t understand what was going on in his last moments.

  55. What a joke, this judge should be removed, I am utterly shocked at the hatred towards someone that is disabled and gay……….. I’m fuming about this story. Shocking

  56. Liam the God 18 Apr 2013, 2:50pm

    Today I received an email from the AG’s office. This case IS being referred to the Court of Appeal as being unduly lenient! Well done to all that emailed the AG! Now we shall see if the Appeals court agree with us!

  57. GazzzZ Dickinson 17 Jul 2013, 12:10am

    Compare this to the sentence of my brother last week of 10 years for allegations of rape on one of his employes who incidentally had been thieving from petty cash at the bakery, being let to keep her job due to pleas to her boss, some weeks later she made accusations to police of intimidation and the bullying into performing oral sex upon my brother ( one would of thought biting the cock would have sorted any continuing of the alleged rape. Other than this oral act there were some apparent flicking of towels in jest and a friendly kiss at the Christmas party. The women involved was still in recite of wages over the months. she was also never asked to describe my brothers genitalia. My brother had no previous convictions and had served in the army, Iraq and Afghanistan with his life on the line. I understand that i may be seen to be expected to support my brother, if this had been said about other brothers i may have had some reservations but my brother lee I have none.

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