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UK: Christian group given right to appeal High Court gay ‘cure’ bus advert ruling

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Reader comments

  1. They never learn, do they?

    These losers will lose again, just as Lillian Ladele did when she went all the way to the ECHR in her misguided attempt to discriminate against people she didn’t like when she was a registrar in Islington.

  2. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 2:51pm

    What a waste of money and resources.

    1. More important, what a waste of human love, creativity and persons.

  3. That There Other David 22 Mar 2013, 3:00pm

    They’re as predictable in their actions as the verdicts of the appeal courts. Still, keeps a few lawyers in work doesn’t it?

    1. The Appeal Court thus far has resoundingly found for our communities. I must say that I see nothing appealing in the notion of a nation in a world as complex as ours without courts to interpret the law; to arbitrate between disputants; and to protect individuals from incursions by the state. The alternative is pretty much unthinkable. Our system is very far from perfect and parts of it are corrupt (or rather, there are corrupt individuals at play) but it’s not degenerate either.

  4. I walked along our seafront last night and the number of rough sleepers is shocking now. All men, lying in sleeping bags in the freezing winds wrapped up in a bit of old blue tarpaulin.

    A few hundred yards away stands the Catholic Church with a 5 bed detached house in the grounds and no one no longer living in it since the previous priest retired.

    A few hundred yards about this grandoise house sits the Anglican Vicar’s house. When I past last night he was busy sitting in front of his fire reading a book with his brand new top end VW outside in the long driveway.

    And here he we have the Christians – Core Issue Trust – spending money on legal failed legal campaigns.

    The Core issue as I see it is that people are sleeping rough in doorways and seafronts all over the country, trapped in homelessness and hopelessness.

    That is the Core Issue.

    1. Superbly put. On the one hand I hope these vermin do waste their money on going to Appeal. On the other, as you say, there are so many more deserving causes for this money to be spent on – proving – if proof were necessary – what a thoroughly mean-spirited, ‘un-Christian’ heap of garbage they are…I hope this judgment, and how much it cost, is broadcast widely….

  5. The banned bus ads are offensive but I don’t think that’s the main issue of why banning them is the right decision.

    Those “ex-gay” posters are fraudulent advertising. It’s “medicine” peddled by snake-oil merchants, only this toxic message is poisonous.

    I don’t understand why this aspect of the issue was not the focus of it.

    For a young person to have seen this would have made them think: ‘it it says so on the side of a bus it must be possible, but why isn’t it working for me?’ – I dread to think what harm this kind of rubbish does to all kinds of people.
    If anyone can show how you can become an ex-lefthander, or ex-short, or ex-straight – I might take another look at my conviction about this. Failing that: no chance. “Ex-gay” is a con, it is doing harm, and they need to stop.

    1. It’s true that the so-called therapy doesn’t work and can be very dangerous but, although these are valid points, they’re certainly not the main issues.

      The ad is unacceptable simply because the thrust of the ‘cure’ message is that it’s wrong to be gay and therefore gay people should be ashamed of themselves.

      Just imagine if it had said that black people didn’t have put up with being black because therapy or potions could cure them by making them ex-black and proud. There would be widespread outrage, and quite rightly so !

      The objections wouldn’t depend solely on whether the ‘miracle cure’ happened to be carcinogenic or gave patchy results…

  6. This group doesn’t need to be censored. It needs to be shut down permanently.

  7. An appeal was almost inevitable whichever side lost as I suggested in the thread that followed the news break. Remember that these people are fighting to establish a principle. Decisions of the High Court don’t do that. Those of the Court of Appeal and above most certainly do. I can’t predict how an appeal will go but I’ll wager that this one will run its course.

    As others have eloquently stated: there’s little to find attractive in the way that the various churches manifest their faith. Happily I’m not encumbered by it. How glorious it is to be godless and gay! “I must have been blessed” is all I can say!

  8. They could spend the money on emergency rations for starving kids, or vaccines, or they could piss it away trying to preserve their right to be the lying filth that they are.

    Every day my contempt for religious boneheads grows. I maintain that religious people who do good deeds do it in spite of religion, not because of it.

    The rancid Abrahamic fairy tale needs flushing down the khazi of history as soon as damned possible.

  9. Not black! Ex-black, post black proud. Get over it.

  10. Brian Westley 23 Mar 2013, 7:27pm

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed that the judge’s decision ALSO banned pro-gay ads by Stonewall and pro-atheist ads by the British Humanist Association?

    If you really want free speech, you have to fight for speech you disagree with, particularly if you’re a member of an unpopular minority.

    1. The decision didn’t actually ban anything.

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