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UK: Activist Helen Belcher to meet MPs over media mistreatment of trans people

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Reader comments

  1. “It’s discouraging we had to do it in the first place.”

    Yay for it at least being done. And hopefully this will lead to a PCC/Levenson result that works.

  2. Even before Levenson was complete, Cameron promised to implement it IN FULL. Had he done so, we may not have been reading of this tragedy. It is an absolute disgrace that OUR tax money funded a report which has so far been ignored by our elected politicians.

  3. made men and englishman 22 Mar 2013, 4:33pm

    I’m sure she knows her thing better than me but…
    adding that a trans person who is the victim of persecution for their gender identity has “no comeback. It’s just wrong.”

    Wouldn’t this come under hate crime. As hate crime is the persecution of anyone regardless of sex, gender, race etc

    1. It doesn’t work like that – there are separate laws covering different types of hate crime. As far as I can tell, there are laws covering transphobic hate crimes (for example, murdering someone because they are trans gets you a higher sentence than murdering someone at random), but they don’t seem to be anywhere near as comprehensive as those for race, religion, and sexual orientation. I’m pretty sure the hate speech laws don’t cover transphobia – though those laws are pretty controversial and I’m not really convinced they are necessary (but if we are going to have them, they should treat transphobia the same as other kinds of prejudice, of course).

      1. You are correct James – trans people are not covered by hate speech laws in the uk.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2013, 4:53pm

    I wish Helen all the luck that this issue will be taken seriously to provide trans people with the protection and respect they deserve. Nobody should have to be marginalised or subjected to discrimination and harassment just because of who they are. It’s absolutely shameful that in 2013, we still don’t have legal protections for trans people. I strongly support a change in the law.

  5. Transphobia needs to be included in hate crime laws and I hope Helen Belcher can successfully make that clear to the MPs she meets. Lucy Meadows death motivated by press intrusion makes the case already overdue for hate-speech and incitement to hatred laws to include transphobia.

    Littlejohn spat at Leveson whilst sticking the knife into Lucy. Through his column he appointed himself as the judge, jury and executioner of Lucy. Journalists must know by now how much of an impact their decisions can have on ordinary peoples’ lives. I have no doubt that he would have been aware how devastating it could be to Lucy by highlighting her situation in a national newspaper. She had done nothing wrong so did not deserve his unwanted attention, motivated purely by transphobia. His ‘opinion piece’ served no purpose other than to incite others to be transphobic towards this woman and others like her. The law needs updating to help protect others from suffering as Lucy did.

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