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Duncan James: I had a secret relationship with one of Blue’s male backing dancers

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Reader comments

  1. I almost cried when I read about the secret lover. The closet is such a horrible things :(

  2. Commendably honest and probably helpful to quite a number of people.

  3. How absolutely awful not being able to be yourself because of religion and bigotry. How lonely, terrifying and soul destroying it must be having to live a perpetual lie. I hope he is happier now poor guy.

  4. Dan Filson 22 Mar 2013, 5:28pm

    Some people are bisexual, get over it. This shouldn’t be a news story, but in our celebrity-obsessed society nothing surprises me.

    I think it’s harder for bisexuals to come out than gays and lesbians, as being bisexual implies that the person has more than one relationship on the go, which is tough on the other parties involved. Whereas, in these days, many parents can live with their son being gay especially if they get to meet ‘the other half’ thus de-bogying the terrifying image they may have of who may be shagging their sweet little offspring.

    1. “being bisexual implies that the person has more than one relationship on the go”

      Huh? I think it only implies that in your head. I know several bi-sexual guys and girls – and I never made this kind of association!

      1. So by Dan’s reasoning all bisexuals are tarts – mmmm.
        Don’t think so – bisexuals are just as faithful and as choosy as any body else.

        1. Spanner1960 23 Mar 2013, 12:39pm

          But they do have twice as many to choose from.

      2. glasgow1975 26 Mar 2013, 4:42pm

        Duncan says in this article he was seeing women, and it led to the breakup with his secret dancer, so it’s clearly NOT in Dan’s head.

    2. I really think that the object of this article was to highlight how difficult it is for some LGBTTQ people to ‘come out’ because of a religious background and their status as a celebrity. And how horrible it is when forced to live a lie. I know how awful it is for the closeted person because I had a relationship with a man who was in this situation. He had been married, divorced and tried his hardest to have a normal relationship with me. Of course he couldn’t and it was torture for both of us. He because he was living a lie and me because I didn’t know what was wrong with him. He did finally come out and, I believe he is a much happier man now.

    3. Terry Stewart 24 Mar 2013, 3:46pm

      Dan a rather narrow minded response. So should Homophobia not be a news story then and why not?.

  5. He’s far too sexy in that photo. It’s depressing.

  6. He’s always come across as a nice guy- and he’s clearly had to struggle with who he really is. I think a lot of people can relate. And yes, he’s not hideous, but he was in a boyband- what do you expect? ;-)

  7. Can I sleep with him?, because he is just sooooo HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!

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