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Analysis: Trans suicide and the way the media reports the trans community

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Reader comments

  1. Good article. Can’t wait for Peter Tatchell to come and say how abusing trans people constitutes as freedom of speech.

    1. Never Mind Peter Tatchell, Where’s that Irish troll Paddyswurds Who gets a kick out of abusing us on this site

    2. Glen Hagur 24 Mar 2013, 8:37am

      It’s amazing the number of LGBT people who slag off Peter Tatchell as if he is a right wing enemy of the LGBT community instead of being one of our greatest heroes! He has stood up for all of us in the past sometimes putting his life on the line to do so, and he is then subjected to this kind of bitchy remark by someone who is too cowardly to even put their name to what they say. You should be ashamed!

  2. I wish people would not negate the use of anti-depressants. It’s not great to use anti-depressants, but it’s better than commiting suicide. If somebody is very depresses they should be encouraged to use anti-depressants it can be the difference between life and death, and I know in my case that if I didn’t have the anti-depressants I would have had a great deal more suffering and almost certainly be dead by now.

    1. Anti-depressants are horribly overused, though, and usually in entirely inappropriate situations. An anti-depressant will do you some good *if* you have moderate to severe depression that is *being caused* by an inherent serotonin deficiency in the brain, but if your depression comes from a source other than a serotonin deficiency, they’ll be useless. In fact, they’ll often be worse than useless, the side effects can be awful and, especially for teens, very often include an *increase* in suicidal thoughts. I have some quite severe mental health issues that have left me extremely depressed at times, but that depression has been caused either by bad circumstances in my life or by mental health conditions that don’t affect serotonin – in 15 years of having a huge variety of SSRIs and the occasional tricyclic chucked at me by doctors, not a single one helped, not even a tiny bit, the only thing that did help was actually addressing the issues that were causing my depression.

      1. So true. I’m sure anti depressants help some, but after being on them for a few months friends were telling me I was acting in strange ways, most of them I can’t remember and the only time I had suicidal thoughts was when I was on them (although I didn’t have many suicidal thoughts even when on them). In my case I only got my life back together when I stopped taking them and put together a plan to address what was making me depressed.

        I don’t think regular GPs should dispense anti-depressants, people suspected of depression should be referred to a specialist in the area so the chance of being prescribed something that can make you worse is reduced.

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Mar 2013, 12:19am

    From the very core of my heart I wish that transgender and transsexual people should be treated more friendly- and be much more accepted in society. In all countries in our world our sisters and brothers are being discriminated and exposed to violence and mistreatment. Politicians , religion, institutions and “ordinary” people are to be blamed. Helping the transgender community should be of much higher priority.

  4. Gender Dysphoria is NOT a mental illness, the mental illness comes from not being accepted for who we are, and the inability to express ourselves.
    the NHS follow the world health organisation guidelines which stipulate that it is a mental health issue. That way they can justify the cost of treating trans people.
    I am trans, but have (fortunately) never suffered from depfression, yet has successfully transitioned, I have a successful job and contribute to society, I find it deeply offensive to be told that I have a mental illness, because I do not!

    1. Actually the WHO are re-classifying gender dysphoria in the next ICD edition, as they no longer believe that it is a mental health condition. WPATH (world professional association for transgender health) also agree that it is not a mental health issue and are supporting this move. Far be it from me though to suggest that the WHO and a network of hundreds of professionals with extensive experience who work in this field might know more than you! After all let’s not let a small thing like research get in the way of bigotry.

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Mar 2013, 7:34pm

      Janet- A new friend in another country ! I do think You are a strong, wonderful person. Fighting other peoples negative attitudes.Remember Dear Janet ; Only a few years ago all gays and lesbians were diagnosed mentally ill, or having personality disorders. The American Psychological Association ( APA ) removed these diagnoses in 1975 ! Lovely Janet, have a nice life full of love ! ( A hug from Norway – a warm hug !)

      1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Mar 2013, 9:40pm

        One commentator above don’t really understand these psychological concepts and their correct interpretations–And it is not Janet ! Janet is a 100% sound ! Love !

        1. H.V. Tiller 24 Mar 2013, 11:43pm

          The foundation of a transsexual identity is physical. No doubt about that. The foundation of a gay identity is physical. The foundation of a lesbian identity is physical.

    3. Mazzy Knight 23 Mar 2013, 11:00pm

      I’m so glad I didn’t go to the ‘Godless’ medical school. I would have been in court defending myself from multiple malpractice lawsuits by now you dumb pillock.

      1. Godless: Its been re-classified in the APA still as a mental health issue, however that was largely for insurance purposes to enable people in the states to access treatment. In any case, we’re in the UK, which uses the ICD not the DSM, so it doesn’t apply to our health system. Aside from that the WHO position on trans is that being trans is not a mental disorder – the distress that this can cause may need mental health support, but having a trans identity and needing treatment is being reclassified as a physical condition. They recognise that the overwhelming evidence from multiple studies is that feeling the need to transition most likely does have a physical cause. In addition, evidence is clear that the only ‘treatment’ that works is physical and any attempt to make someone ‘non-trans’ using psychological methods leads to greater harm. Why don’t you read the trans mental health study cited in this article? It’s quite clear that being trans is not the problem, its folk like you!

      2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Mar 2013, 11:51am

        Thank you so very, very much, James ! I’m thankful to tou !

  5. Mazzy Knight 23 Mar 2013, 10:45pm

    Speaking as a transsexual who has twice attempted suicide, I can genuinely say that it is something that is always there in the back of my mind. Those that know me well and were there with me at the time think that I have got over it. I don’t think you ever do get over it, just better at pushing suicidal thoughts to the back of your mind. While trying to keep those thoughts away from my concious mind, I have a daily battle to remain positive in everything that I do. I have built up an arsenal of positive influences to make that battle somewhat easier to contend with. There are already too many negative forces in life that can pull you back into the abyss of despair, without creating more. My only real concern is that, one day, I may not be strong enough win that daily battle.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Mar 2013, 11:59pm

      Dear Mazzy Knight ! Get energy from people You like, from people who respect You ! From persons who are honest and in balance! Be open and frank- then You get respect in return. We have The Right to discard persons we don’t like, persons who say bad words and so on- persons who insult our integrity. Life can be wonderful, go forwards without hesitation. A bunch of nice and warm thoughts from Norway and Helge !

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Mar 2013, 12:18am

      Some people simply don’t understand that the gender identity resides between the ears, and not between the legs. Furthermore they can’t tell the difference between transsexual and transgender. What about visiting a library ? Love to You, M. Knight ! Once again I cross my fingers for The Transgender Community in UK-

  6. Mazzy Knight 23 Mar 2013, 10:50pm

    Gender Dysphoria is a mental condition, not illness. Also, having ANY mental illness or condition does NOT automatically include suicidal tendencies. If you want to say something about medical matters, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT FIRST!

    1. H.V. Tiller 24 Mar 2013, 1:30am


  7. Remember even if you’re offered a ‘complimentary’ copy of the Daily Mail then refuse it as increased circulation means increased ad revenue. If they make money they assume they’re onto a good thing and carry on this type of ‘reporting’.

    I love flying BA, but hate the fact that they seem to give out the Daily Mail as their paper of choice. If you fly BA, get onto and say as a customer you’re disappointed at their choice of newspaper as the views contained in there create a bad impression of the UK to visitors of this country.

  8. This article makes little sense. If suicide is endemic to the trans community, how does it follow that a negative newspaper article printed months ago is to blame for her suicide? Her suicide would be one more example of a tragically common event in that community, not an outlier caused by an article printed months ago.

    In any event, I suspect that the gay readers and writers here are all out of our element here. Transgender is a completely different phenomenon than gay. The effort to link the two and to contrive a single group called LGBT is an exercise in dishonesty. We should allow each group to exist independently.

    1. Joanne Mason 25 Mar 2013, 9:48pm

      The reason suicide is endemic is largely because of the way society treats trans* people.
      As a 6’2″ and not very passable trans* woman, I have to endure stares, sniggers, name calling, ridicule, the assumption that I am a paedophile or a pervert and (not yet, but it’s only a matter of time) physical violence.
      It kind of gets to you after a while.
      Negative newspaper articles only serve to normalise and encourage that behaviour, which in a civilised society is something we should all be deeply ashamed of.

  9. Oh dear – it really isn’t Godless. I happen to have been involved in making the changes. Next year when the ICD-11 comes out you’ll be able to see for yourself. In the meanwhile, have a look at the WPATH website and their statements on the changes. I really do believe that 800 experts who work and research in this field might know a little more about this than you. Of course, if you have any sources/evidence/published papers to back up your statements it would be interesting to see that. Otherwise, it’s just conjecture. Whilst you are entitled to your opinion, it is objectionable to try and represent it as ‘fact’, especially when the actual evidence is overwhelmingly against it. It reminds me of the people who still refused to believe the earth wasn’t flat even when the rest of the world had moved on!

    1. Ok, this is the last time I am going to engage with you because your use of the word “tranny” is malicious and offensive.
      Look at this:
      It’s the updated Standards of Care “Now in its seventh edition, the standards of care are based on the best available science and expert professional consensus. The new edition reflects the current attitude that transgender people are not inherently disordered.”

      I suggest you do two things:
      1. please take a good look at your prejudices and assumptions. Try and explore where your beliefs come from, and look at the evidence available to see if they are correct or if you’re just making assumptions. That way you can engage in informed, enlightened debate
      2. Seek help for your anger. You are clearly angry and upset, lashing out at a vulnerable minority who you simply don’t want to understand. Maybe it’s because something resonates in you?
      And your evidence?
      Thank you.

    2. Ninth Sphere 26 Mar 2013, 12:36pm

      You are grossly misinformed, and obviously have not read any of the current data, and research into the subject. my advice? either get educated, or shut up.

      1. Godless, you are an absolute W*****r. Im sorry that it’s such a crude comment, but you have not a clue about what you are talking about……..

  10. I’m in my mid twenties, and have been questioning my gender identity for many years. I’m certain that I was supposed to have been born male, but the notion of coming out and transitioning is just so unutterably terrifying that I cannot bring myself to do it. This has triggered a sense of failure and cowardice, which when coupled with the hopelessness of my situation and the constant stream of negativity and hatred from the media, I have often looked at suicide as the only way out. I am not in the least surprised by these figures, I just hope that such horrendous statistics may spark something in people and cause them to think twice before pushing hate and antipathy about trans*people.

  11. Helen Wilson 25 Mar 2013, 9:32pm

    I think going through life with this dissonance between brain and body messes you up. The adult transitioner of today is the trans child of yesteryear. Personality disorder are very prevalent within the trans community , they are a result of the suck it up and repress it attitude society told us was what we had to do. You only end up causing yourself mental harm with this attitude. The average age a trans person deals with these issues is 43 while the average age gender dysphoric feelings begin is 5 years. 38 years of damage to a persons mental health will result in many suicides. Being transgender is not a metal health problem as scientific study in transsexual brains has show, however, living for extended periods with gender dysphoric feeling causes the sufferer mental health problems.

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